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Friday, December 9, 2016

What's in My Gallery?: First 10 Recent Photos on my Phone

Today I’m like, “I need to post something na hindi pinag-iisipan!” Just something I used to post before. 

A few months back, I post weekly “kwento” on my blog (my WAHMA-RAMA series). That what was before I started to do “other things” that I think are of the same importance as blogging. This was the reason why I had to learn to balance everything, which means I needed to give up some of my blog series topics.

Today, I really miss just blogging something “easy”. Something that doesn’t need any researching. Something personal, something “funny”? It’s December so we should be posting happy posts anyway, right?

So what are the first 10 photos on my gallery, you may ask? I’ll show you that in a bit. This includes my most recent photos. Not just photos taken from my camera phone, but including the recent downloads and screenshots. Let’s see what I have here! Haha. I hope this is interesting. I don’t check my gallery often and there are lots of times that I don’t feel like taking pictures!

Adlib: I just checked my phone for about 10 minutes to see the photos and man, these are not good ones! LOL!

It was a bad idea! I thought I didn't have recent selfies! haha! 
So I numbered them down. There are some that were just duplicates because I downloaded them, then posted in IG, then took a screenshot, etc. So I won't keep on reposting that (that will make this post even more boring, haha!). The first photo (before Dane) was not numbered to because that's a screenshot of my gallery (the photo above).  And in this post, I will also not include the video beside #5.

OK, let's start! (now I'm ashamed! lol). 

He sent this to me earlier today while we were chatting. So yes, my love, you're first on the list! haha! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hola December!

Hello there! I’ve been off blogging for the past few days. I’ve been busy doing other things. Something new I’ve never tried doing before. I’m enjoying it and I’m gonna tell you what it is when I see the outcome of it. :)

Wow! Where did time go? Last year, I posted about December and my anticipated schedules for that month. I can’t not do that this year! Lol. So, here’s what’s in store for us for this last month of the year (and my future excuses on being off blogging! Haha).

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

"Let Kids Be Kids" VS "Because I Said So"

One day, after I logged out from work, I received a thought provoking email from Google Alerts about an article from Parent Herald that talks about the 2 major parenting approaches. This really made me think about my parenting approach to Nate and I thought I should really share this with other parents.

In our current world where people will always have something to say, we all probably have an opinion about parenting, whether we have kids or not. There are main parenting approaches that most of us already know – The “because I said so” and the “let kids be kids approach”.

Monday, November 28, 2016

CLAG Women's Officers' Weekend Retreat

After our successful CLAG women’s fellowship, we, officers, finally had the chance to retreat and have fun before another fellowship comes – the Kid’s Camp, which we’ll also help organize. Unfortunately, our PIO and secretary didn’t make it due to schedule conflicts so it was just us: pres, v-pres, secretary and treasurer that made it.

There were 7 of us altogether, plus 3 little kiddos during this time. And for all the joy ride and chuckles we had during the trip, I am super thankful to God (most of all) for the experience, and to our president for their generosity. :)

Behold, the photos… 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

3 Germs We Can Get From Unsanitized Toilets

Nobody wants a dirty restroom; it’s the least thing that we want in our household. Unfortunately though, not all household has access to a clean and sanitized toilets. Here are 3 of the common germs that one can get from unsanitized toilets.

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