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Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Reschedule for a Sooner Date with DFA (Online application)

**WARNING: This advise takes a LOT of PATIENCE. And when I say a LOT, I mean TONS and TONS of it. lol! So only follow this if you are so desperate in getting a sooner appointment date.**

My brother-in-law recently passed the interview for an overseas job in KSA, he was referred by Dane, which means, God-willing, he will be with Dane soon in Saudi - which is a good thing, right? I'm happy at least Dane will have a family there while working away from us.

We have one problem though, he doesn't have a passport yet, that's number one. And number two, his appointment will not be until July 26th! Waaa! That's too far! Baka mapalitan sya ng ibang may passport na. So we were in complete dilemma, we din't know what to do. Sayang naman din, anjan na opportunity e. So I somehow blamed myself for not helping him get a passport before.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday Wreview: Photobook Philippines Website

With the digital world now, most of us (including me) have to admit that we don't print photos as often as before anymore, since we can view it from time to time on our gadgets anyway. However, to have these photos printed is still a lot different compared to seeing them on screen, you know what I mean?

For the longest time, I had wanted to print photos of Nate's birth and 1st year of life but look now, 2 years old na sya and still no hard copy! lol. But, thankfully (and finally!), I was able to get discounts coupons from Metro Deal for Photobook Philippines.

I heard about Photobook Philippines since last year, and quite honestly, I already have a few drafts on their website for a soft cover photo album (the cheapest they have, lol). But, I didn't keep a budget for it until recently. You know, money matters, lol! I had many things to prioritize before this. But now, I'm so happy I finally got it!

Monday, May 23, 2016

3 Reasons why Cousins are Great

We all have cousins here and we have so many stories about our cousins, don't we? Just today, I'm so happy one of our first cousins initiated a group chat of Facebook so we could all chat again and ask how everyone is doing.

Our clan is too many we can occupy a baranggay, lol! With our grandparents having 11 children, we've now grown to 30+ grand children and 80+ great grand children (Nate is one of them). That's one chaotic, awesome and noisy family, I know! haha!

Say "hi" to my cousins from the mother side! This is incomplete. Credits to my cousin for making this collage
Out of 30+ first cousins (mother side), I have to say, wala akong kaedad! haha! I remember, when I was young, I'd try to fit it in with my older cousins and I would be the smallest and the first person na mauutusan! haha. If I try to go with those younger than me, I would look like a chaperone! Nevertheless, I think that my cousins are amazing and there are many reasons to treasure our memories together!

Here are a few reasons why I think that cousins are great:

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sundayvotion: Encouraging One Another

image source:
One of the main purposes of why believers are to go to church and fellowship with other Christian believers is to be able to encourage and help each other up (this is aside from learning God's word).

Remember the very popular quote: "no man is an island"? That is very true as well when it comes to our christian lives. We need someone who can encourage us when we are spiritually down and we need people to back us up in prayers when we need them the most.

Has anyone ever told you, "I prayed for you"? How does it feel? I personally feel so relieve every time my mother tells me this. You feel confident that whatever happens, somebody cares and prays for you and that is one of the most wonderful things you can hear from someone (aside from "I love you").

No matter what your situation is right now, it is always good to be able to find someone or a group that you know can help you and pray for you when you are down and discouraged. After all, that's what friends are for as well. :)))

Blessed Sunday, everyone!

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