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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


BEAUTY, is not just about physical, but how you see yourself and how you let others see you. You must look deeper to actually see TRUE BEAUTY.
 She got it right! So true. 
Let me introduce you to the lady who doesn't look her age! Her name is Melody-a very ordinary name. But to us, her friends, it's music-something we miss when it's not around. 

Melody is one of the most patient person I know. Gosh, I don't even know if she has any idea how to get mad! She's stunning and gorgeous inside out. She doesn't get insulted when jokes come around. 

God, who is rich in giving love brought me to this pretty lady several years back. We used to sleep together when I was staying in their home. We talked, laughed, shared a lot of things! This person has a special place in my heart-which I will always treasure. 

Now that we're getting older (I guess it's just me, she doesn't look any older specially now), I thank God for all the time He gave us to bond, pray together and talk about our different lives and plans in the future. 

Such beauty she beholds. 
My prayer is that God will give her the strength she needs to face the endeavors of life. I will always look forward to working with her again in the ministry soon, specially in teaching children-the main reason why we've become great friends. 

I hope through this, she'll always be reminded of my love for her. She's a true, great friend. Her man must be very proud of her-he has to. Because the person he loves is our Melody!!!  ♥

She's Melody Villegas.Find her on Facebook

Friendship is a treasure that always help us overcome any kind of difficulty. Friendship is a comfort which always understand worries and emotions. Friendship is a blessing because it teaches the way to live.

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