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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sundayvotion: An Unloving Heart

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This is part of my post about our CLAG Women's Fellowship. I just think that I need to post a separate post for this one as I think that it's a really good reminder for us (specially for me), as we can get too busy with the things that we do sometimes. 

Praise God for the life of our speaker, Ma’am Vholet Nabus, for preparing a wonderful lecture that was perfectly fit for us. We talked about the different signs that we no longer love the Lord. You see, most sins don’t happen overnight, most of it’s gradual, it most often start with a “little compromise” that continues on and before we know it, we already fall into the enemy’s traps! So during this fellowship, we were reminded to be alert. We needed to be watchful to the signs that we no longer love the Lord. Our lecturer said that, we no longer love the Lord when we start to become:

-Unloving toward God. Our relationship with God should be filled with joy and should not feel like an obligation. We were asked simple but thought provoking questions like: “When was the last time you whispered to your God that you love Him?” It is when we loose of joy in serving that we start to become unloving toward God. 

-Unloving toward the gospel. Mrs. Nabus reminded us through the word of God that Our LOVE for the gospel should always be there. Our passion for the lost souls and desire to win them for the Lord should be there, always. 

-Unloving toward the unlovely. Sometimes we choose who we love. Jesus didn’t. He died for all, he loved everyone, even those who are unlovely. We were reminded that we should have a a deep compassion for others, just like the Lord Jesus Christ.  


When we start to become unloving toward God, we need healing, and this was what’s advised to us: 

- Concentrate on other’s need instead of your own. This will keep your heart from growing cold. 
- Do something for other in a daily basis. This will be great exercise for your heart.
- Stay close to the Lord. This keeps our heart beating correctly. 

- Read God’s word daily – maintenance for the heart. 

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  1. I agree! Most of the time when we have everything we need, we tend to forget about God.


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