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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SHAMAECHA-our girl :)

 9, 274 Facebook subscribers and counting...
hundreds of likes per status update and picture post... it! 

That's my girl-she never runs out of status update and I don't know where she gets it. 

A student, a daughter, a singer, a music enthusiast, a crazy friend and a loving sister. She's Shamaecha. I've known her since she was a kid during children's camps in the bible school and I'm so surprised how she grew up so fast which means I'm getting older and older each day too!!!

Few years back at International Grace Bible Institute in Bataan when I was still at my early years in IGBI, I noticed this noisy kid who's are also good in recitation! And so I wondered who she was. I wasn't surprised when I found out she was pastor's kid because almost 98% of the pastor's kids are never afraid to face a crowd! (I was one of them c:)

And so, I befriended her. Told her I can be her "ate". Good thing she agreed. :) 
Every year, we meet and talk and just have fun, me with her as an older sister since I was few years ahead of her. And I would see her go home with her mom and the rest of the kids who attended the camp and wait for them to come back the next year. 

Opportunity came and I was given a chance to stay in the church where she goes and we became closer. Not only that, the rest of the young people in the church, especially in her age became my friends too. 

Four years have come and passed and here I am writing something about her. She's now on her 4th year in high school and now-SHE'S AIMING FOR MY HEIGHT!!! I can't believe she's getting taller and taller each day! How I wish she doesn't get taller than me (I'm kidding!). Every once in a week at least, we get some time to bond and I love every moment of it. I love her and "one of her best friends" Norbie Joy (I think she has a lot of best friends, I don't know why-there should only be one!). We'll I guess that's how it works now, it doesn't matter. lol!

Some people say she's stubborn and selfish who doesn't know any household chores-that can be true! hahaha! But, all I know is, she's a loving sister who doesn't worry about so many things. Her life teaches me to just enjoy and don't worry too much. She could be stubborn and she sometimes wouldn't listen to me but I know in her heart, she is convinced of her priority. I am blessed to have known her and will continue to pray for her success. 

She's my friend and my sister. What she is to me is what matters most. 

Find her on Facebook! :)) She's Shamaecha Batabat. 

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