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Thursday, December 27, 2012

FUN SIGNS (exclusive) :D

They made me do something strange and I accepted the challenge. After doing so, I made a vow that I'm not doing it again UNLESS for a very "reasonable" reason :D.

Maria Tessa Suarez (left) and Julive Bucog (right)

I don't do fun-signs (fan signs) because first of all, I'm not an actress-and second of all, I have no fans! :)) But I made an exemption for these two gorgeous ladies. Why? You'll soon find out. ^______^

So who are they? I'd like to think of them as my "dear old high school friends and classmates". I've known Tessa (Upper left) since elementary. We grew up in the same town together and I've always consider her a dancer :). Julive (upper right) on the other hand, I've known her since 1st year. We honestly don't have the same circle of friends (they are in one group though) but I was in a totally different group of friends! Nevertheless, I still think of them as two of my dear friends. 

Well, I think our only main denominator is Facebook and  singing! They love dancing, I love dancing too-but dancing is extremely rude on me! hahahaha! I'm happy how technology brought us together, I never thought I'd still get to communicate with them but in this age-everything is possible in one click!!!

I always wish them good health and a happy, fulfilled and contented lives. And of course a life well pleasing to God. 

I love you both! Take care always! :D

Here are the strangest things I made for them! hahaha!

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