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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No harm in trying! :>

So ever since I saw photos with quotes on them on tumblr, I started dreaming to learn how to do them. I never really had much courage to do that not until recently (and when I say recently, I mean few days ago. I thought I should my "neophyte" photo w/ quotes here so in the event that I would be great on doing that, I'd always remember how I started. 

This is my first photo with quote work. I had it posted on my Facebook account as a cover photo. I would say, it's not bad for first timers! ;)

This second "art" (I'd say) got 4 shares and 15 likes on Facebook. I really like the quote. It fits me so much. :)

This one, I did over the weekend and of course, published on Facebook as a timeline photo.

Sometimes, it really just feels good to challenge yourself on things you thought you won't be able to do. I'd like these kept to remind me of my "first" photo-quotes. :)) 

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