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Saturday, February 28, 2015


This month has been a very busy one for me and I've been in hiatus for a short while from posting on my blog as well as participating blog hops and comment exchanges.

This month, I was kind of busy doing overtime at work as we're having a new program we're implementing. It's fine, of course. A company needs to have innovation and new programs as part of its marketing strategies to keep it working. The time after work which is supposedly my time to do my blogging related tasks was spent at work for the mean time. It's perfectly fine, more OT's means more income for me. :)

On the other hand, this month is still a wonderful month for me.

1. Nate turned 9 months old. I made sure to post his developmental milestone for his 9th month update. It' amazing to think that in 3 month's time, he will turn one year old!

2. Valentine's day group date. It's an unforgettable and nice experience to celebrate the valentines with friends. We had a group date in Eastwood and spent the entire time talking, chit-chating and laughing. Dane and I had a really great time!

3. PBA vs mama-mama time. Dane and one of our church friends, together with 2 or our church pastors, went to Araneta Coliseum to watch the PBA Game between Brgy Ginebra and Purefoods Hotshots. I'm sure they had a good time yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs while cheering for their bet team. Hahaha. My friend and I decided to prepare vegetable salad and spend our time catching up talking about our lives instead.

4. 3rd year at work. Thanks to the application called "Timehop", I was reminded of my 3rd anniversary at work. I never thought I'd stay this long working at home but it's great! I wish for more years to come at work.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fastbreak Post: a reflection

I am writing this from my mobile device. I just want to share what I have in mind. Today, Dane is getting dressed to go to church, I just finished preparing and am just waiting for the rest of us to be ready so we can leave. Nate is sleeping because he woke up at around 3:30 am earlier.

I just thought I haven't been able to blog very often recently and it's because when I think of blogging, I always thought that I have to be focused, I need more time to edit think and double check my post. I really want to be able to produce good quality posts but posts like this shows who I really am - always in a hurry, always running after the time and always trying to finish things as quickly as I can. :)

It's funny how this little time I have spared can now let me post instead of sitting and grabbing my laptop to be able to write. Yesterday, my friend and I had a really great conversation about our lives being first time moms. I'm happy as to how we've completely opened up how shocking it was for us and that most of the things we experienced now are most often beyond our expectations. Not only our strenghts were tested but also our relationships with our partners. Now, we realize that being mothers are the most exhausting, most tiring but also most rewarding experience of all. It's amazing how you can be so tired but still so happy when you see your baby. Ahhh, this is life!

Now that everyone's almost ready, I have to end this post now. :) Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!

This is us trying to have a good family photo inside our room full of mess. Haha.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

2015 Calendar of Me from Brother International Philippines Corporation

I was one of the 200 giveaway winners to receive a personalized 2015 calendar from Brother Philippines and I'm happy to have won a giveaway for the very first time. :)

I placed the calendar on the door of our room. The 6 photos I chose were our wedding photo, 2 maternity photos, Nate's solo picture and 2 of our family photo. 
This personalized calendar was printed using the new Brother Color Inkjet Multi-Function Center. The MFC is a printer, fax machine, copier, PC fax machine and direct photo printer all rolled into one. The MFC-J2320 InkBenefit and MFC-J2720 InkBenefit also have super fast AJ printing capacity.

I learned about the giveaway through Mommy Sol of so sent my entry but using Dane's FB account because I was so lazy to log out and log in using my personal Facebook account. I'm happy to finally receive our personalized calendar! Thank you Brother Int'l!

Photo source:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Subinvolution of the Uterus

Last year, I've shared my labor and delivery when I delivered Nate back in May. In one of these post, I mentioned I fell asleep right after my last push and I never had the chance to hear Nate's first cry. I was able to deliver him normally but I didn't know I did. The first thing I was told when I woke up was "Mommy, dahan dahan po, may tahi po kayo" (I really thought I had an emergency CS!). The entire time I was sleeping, I had no idea was standing between the line of life and death. I had just knew about it when Dane talked to me about it a few days after.

I was bleeding heavily after I gave birth to Nate. It was called "Subinvolution Of The Uterus". It's a condition wherein the mother's uterus, after birth soften (which shouldn't be), causing it to bleed. Some of the causes of Subinvolution are:
*grand multiparity
*overdistension of uterus as in twins and hydramnios
*ill maternal health
*caesarean section
*uterine prolapse
*uterine fibroid
*Persistent lochia/fresh bleeding
*Long labor
*Very short labor
*full bladder
*difficult delivery
*retained placenta
*maternal infection
According to the Free Dictionary by Farlex, subinvolution is a Delayed or absent involution of the uterus during the postpartum period. The causes of subinvolution include retained fragments of placenta, uterine fibromyomas, and infection. Regardless of the cause of the condition, it is characterized by longer and heavier bleeding after childbirth and, on pelvic examination, a larger and softer uterus than would be expected at that time. Treatment includes ergonovine given by mouth for 2 or 3 days, and, if an infection is present, an antibiotic. The hemoglobin or hematocrit is also evaluated, and iron is given if necessary. A follow-up examination is performed 2 weeks later.

In my case, according to my OB, I had subinvolution probably because I had a very short labor. I was admitted at around 11am and was 4cm dilated and gave birth at 2:30pm. She told Dane she had tried some medications on me but the blood still wouldn't stop bleeding so she had to use a stronger dose of medicine (and more expensive one). I don't know what the medicine is called and Dane forgot what it was too.

Dane told me it was a very traumatic moment for him, he was so worried about me, he could feel his body trembling. He even said he forgot about Nate because our doctor said he was fine. haha. This was what he told me. It was almost the same time that Wowie de Guzman's wife suddenly died a month after giving birth so I guess that added the tension! lol.

Dane: "Alam ko na na nanganak ka na. Inupdate ko na yung mga kailangang iupdate. (I know you already gave birth, I've already updated those who needed to be updated). Tapos nakita ako ni doc, sabi nya: (then doc saw and said) "Nilyn, Nilyn (my OB didn't know Dane's name. lol). Alam ko ako tinutukoy nya (I know she was referring to me)."

"Sabi nya, nanganak na si Nilyn, ok naman yung baby, umiyak naman sya agad at malakas naman ang iyak nya, walang problema (Nilyn already gave birth, the baby was OK, he cried right away. he's definitely fine). Kaso si Nilyn, tapos pag sabi nyang ganun, kinabahan na ako, sabi nya, si Nilyn nagkaron ng subinvolution (however, nilyn, after she said that, I was nervous, she said, Nilyn had subinvolution), lumambot yung matres nya at kaya nagdugo sya (her uterus soften after delivery so she was bleeding). Marami na ako ginamit na gamot kaso ayaw tumigil pero itong huling ginamit ko, parang ok na sya, tumitigas na matres nya, oobserbahan nalang ng mga nurse yun.(I've used a few medicines on her but the bleeding won't stop but the last one I seemed to work on her. The nurses will continue to observe her condition)"

After that, he didn't know what to do so he chatted my cousin who was a registered nurse and he was relieved when she told him not to worry because it will just be healed and breastfeeding will surely help. True enough, when I woke up, I saw an ice bag on my tummy and was told to keep it that way and to monitor and feel my uterus from time to time. I was also advised to breastfeed Nate as often as I can as it will help with my condition.

One time when I was in the hospital to have Nate checked, I overheard one woman say that she has a relative who died due to heavy bleeding after delivery. The baby lived but the mother didn't survive. I'm blessed and so very thankful for God's guidance during that time. Indeed delivery is a very crucial time for mothers and babies.

Did you have any postpartum issues? I'd like to hear it. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hey "Lady" Sham :)

Last Saturday, February 7th, we had the chance to celebrate the 18th birthday of one of my sisters from another mother. I was honestly hesitant to go as Nate was sick but I knew she'd be sad if we weren't there so we managed to attend anyway. And thank God, Nate was Jesus-protected the entire time. The event was held in a small private resort in San Mateo, Rizal and was attended by Sham's close friends and family (I'm not used to calling her "sham" anyway, I call her "Mae" but since a lot of her friends call her that, I'll call her "Sham" in this post. Lol). 

Photo grabbed from Shamaecha
She's a 2nd year student of Lyceum of the Philippines and a member of the LPU-Pep Squad. Now I completely forgot what course she took! haha. I'd have to ask her again (I'm not sure if it's tourism).

me sneaking in her room to get some photos taken. :)
It was a simple celebration where she plans to have an overnight swimming with her friends after the program, that we didn't attend anymore since it's Saturday night and we still had to get some rest for Sunday's worship service.

I looked at her from a distance and I can say she was happy on her birthday celebration and we are happy for her too. My sister was one of the 18 candles, Dane was one of the 18th roses and I was one of the blue bills so, we really can't not be there! The program started at around 9pm which was 2 hrs after the announced time but it's ok, we weren't bored anyway, we managed to chat with our friends while waiting to start and I believe it ended at around 12mn (just another Cinderella moment, hehe). We went home right after the event and many of her friends stayed at the venue for some "we're young and free" party time I guess, hehe.

Here are some of the photos (those with watermarks are mine, those that don't are all grabbed from Facebook, credits to its owners) during Sham's 18th birthday.

Nate's too sleepy to even bother smiling! 

This cake just tells it all! So cute!
Giveaway. Source: Shamaecha's FB
The pool was quite tempting but it's just too cold for me! haha. 
photo credit: FB
The venue

Dear Mae, 
     I hope that you don't forget the wishes we gave you on Saturday. What I told you there, I meant it. I pray that you don't leave and forget your first love who is Jesus and that He will (and should always have) a part on our income. Being in a legal age should not be a license to do anything you like to do. My prayer is that God will always give you enlightenment and wisdom on every decision you're making as you walk your own road in life. Stay happy and be blessed. Don't forget to thank God always. Love you! :)

Friday, February 6, 2015

Nate's 9th Month Update

It's wonderful to think that in just 3 months time, our baby is turning one year old. I can't imagine he's been with us for 9 months now. Yesterday, he was just a little quiet baby in the hospital, lying in bed with me for the very first time, now, he's a noisy fellow who likes to play and laugh with us! By God's grace he wasn't sick last month until 2 days ago though. He got colds and now has cough. I hope that he gets well soon. 

Here are some of his developmental milestones: 
-Finally got his first 2 teeth. :)
-Walks faster but with help, he'd hold on to someone or someone in order to stand.
-Talks more often. He doesn't make any word yet but has more syllables pronounced now (eeee, dadada, tsatsa, papapapa). Language definitely doesn't make much sense but he tries to communicate with us so we just answer him and pretend that we understood whatever he said. lol.
-Understands "come on", "let's go", and "tara"! It means we're going somewhere so gets hyper and excited when hearing us say these.
-Likes "peek-a-boo" and laughs out loud sometimes.
-Loves mama and sometimes cry when papa takes him away from her, especially when mama's working.

-Loves gentle cuddles, tickles and kisses but cries when gets irritated.
-Becomes more and more curious, starts noticing small things like a little ant on the wall, the nail on a wood, a button, etc.
-Observes things around him. Grabs anything he can reach, observes and stares at it and eats it (I don't know if eating is part of his investigation! lol)
-Loves to hold the umbrella with mama when going outside. He holds the handle like an old person! haha.
-He doesn't like hats anymore, he removes them right after we try to put it on his head.
-Dances to songs by moving his knees and going up and down.
-His cries are more recognizable now. I can definitely tell from the way he cries if he's sleepy, or wants milk or if he's really hurt. They all vary from each other.
-Crawls almost at all times!
-Loves food! He wants to eat everything that we eat.
-Gets fascinated with almost everything: a shoelace, a bag, a zipper, spoons, anything that he can see.
Nate: Thanks for reading mama's blog about me! :)
Having Nate is both tiring and fulfilling at the same time. It's a great experience to see him improve day by day. Sometimes, I am amazed with what he shows me! :)

"A baby is an angel whose wings decrease as his legs increase."

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Negative Experience with Bayantel

I'm not sure if someone has noticed me being out from commex and blog hop these past few days in my groups - but this is the very reason for it.

I've heard a lot of complaints about Bayantel not being a good Internet Service Provider but in our area now, looks like we don't have any choice but use Bayantel in the area where we reside now.

Globe Tatoo Wimax was my previous ISP back in Commonwealth and what I can say is that it's a great internet service provider. Although Globe's signal strength depends in your location, I'd say I never really had much problem during the entire time using it.
Image source:
The very first day I started working in our new place using Bayantel, I noticed that the internet connection was unstable. I work as a customer service rep so it's very important that I have a very stable connection. I'd sometimes get customers complaining they couldn't hear me well. Right then, I decided to swith ISP. Unfortunately, Globe isn't performing well in our new location so we had to let Globe go. We were planning to switching to PLDT but I was told by the homeowner that PLDT isn't working well in the area as well. We decided to start with upgrading the plan to a higher mpbs. We're now at 3mbps with Bayantel and the internet connection is working a lot better, however, there are still times that it fluctuates. It disconnects for about 5-10mins. It's just not that reliable.

Image source: tipidPC
This isn't the worst experience we had with Bayantel. Last February 3, we received a call from Bayantel advising us to settle the charge to avoid disconnection. By the way, we've been waiting for a bill since last month so we can pay but nothing came so I thought, with the upgrade of our internet plan, came a new statement due date or something. Going back to February 3, that very same day we got a call, we completely lost connection. I had no idea all these were happening because I sleep in the day and wake up at night to work. When I woke up, I just realized everything and concluded that our connection may have been disconnected. And, alas, it definitely was disconnected. The internet connection was shut down the same day we got the disconnection notice, the same day we got that call advising us to settle the charge (which btw, the rep didn't make it all clear with Dane. She just said it had to be settle by 5 - Dane wasn't sure if it was 5pm that day or February 5th).

Here are my complaints:
1. We never received any bill. Ok, it may partly be our fault that we never called and followed up with them as to why we haven't got a bill yet but I was under the impression that the bill will just come as we never had any problem receiving a bill before. I was just advised that even though we don't get any bill, we can pay just by giving the account# to the payment center, well, had I known that, I would've paid it already together with all our bills last month.

2. There was no proper notice. We got the disconnection letter the same day the rep called (who never made it clear that we had to pay that very same day) and that same day, our internet was shut down. How cool is that?

3. Reps were full of "Paasa". The first rep I spoke with told me that after I pay, the payment will automatically reflect, so as the internet connection (that wasn't true). The second rep said it will take 48 hrs to reconnect after the connection will be back. The third rep said the same thing. The 4th rep said he already saw the payment and request for re-connection but said will escalate the concern so it can be fixed right away (but still told me it may be still within 24 hrs). The 5th rep, which didn't sound very helpful, said the same as the 4th rep and said there's no supervisor available when I asked to speak to one.

4. They already saw the payment posted and the request for re-connection on the account, I don't know what else they're waiting to put the connection back. I was given a false hope by the first rep who told me it will automatically reconnect as soon as the payment is posted.

Well, I gave up in the end. We had no choice but to wait for the internet to be back. In the mean time, I had to go somewhere in order to go online. Broadband sticks just don't work in our area. I couldn't afford to not report for work - first because my pay will be deducted and second, I have many pending works to do. Unfortunately, Nate caught colds because it was so cold outside at night. I had to take him and Dane with me since I'm breastfeeding him. I'm sad that he had to suffer the consequence for all these. I hope he gets well soon. And, I will never recommend Bayantel to anyone. If I just have another choice, I'd choose not to use Bayantel as an ISP.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Friday Bonding with Some of the Wonderful Women I Know

Last December, during our annual church thanksgiving day, we had a little presentation contest per department and the winner will win PhP 3,000. The contest was participated by 6 departments. Our church's children's, youth, men's (fathers/married) and women's (mamas/married) department and the other 2 participants are from our the children and men's department of Mandaluyong church (our daughter church).

Well, since most of the women's department are mothers and we really didn't have time (and money, hehe) to have some bonding outside with just us, we prepared for the contest so we can have a budget for a group swimming in just one of the simple pools near. Really, we don't have time for long hours of travel going south or north for great beaches, plus, we don't want to overspend. Haha! We were really aiming for the first prize so we can have our "mamas time". haha! I think we've practiced for about a month, every Sunday afternoon after worship service. We had a great time during every practice which is really good.
While waiting for the other moms to arrive. 
Well, fast forward to the presentation day - I'm not sure if we won because we deserve it or "pinagbigyan nalang kami", but nevertheless, we won and were so happy that we now have 3k to spend for our outdoor fellowship and bonding! These moms are really good in budgeting and they think that 3k is really just enough for us (mga beterano na sila sa pagtitipid! haha!). We just have to add maybe a hundred for some entrance fee and additional food I think.

Pretty mommas :D (Mrs. Arguelles, Mrs, Bacus, Mrs. Mercado & Mrs. Balan)
For some reasons, instead of going on a pool, we ended up deciding to just go on a pig out somewhere. One of the few reasons were: 1.) In February we'll have our church Family Day where we'll also have an outing, 2.) We wanted to be able to go out before family day, 3.) Our schedules don't match - we can only go out for a few hours.

Mrs. Yson, Mrs. Batabat & Mrs. Arguelles
So after some sort of discussions, we landed in Seafood Island in UP-Ayala Land Technohub on Friday afternoon, Jan. 30. We ordered 2 different meals good for 5-6 persons and a pizza. We exceeded 3k but we only had to chip in an additional 30 pesos each. It was great, everyone had a great time, we chatted, laughed and made noises, we didn't care! lol! It's just nice to be able to be with them and just talk about marriage, family and kids. I'm one of the 3 new members in women's group so most of them are our advisers also. We didn't take our husbands with us, but those who breastfeed their babies should take their babies with them - Nate and ZD (my godson) were an exception.

After dining, we outside where they had their pictures taken and I had a chance to meet my previous Team Leader from one of the call centers I worked with. She's STL Faith, the best TL I had. We talked about Nate, my previous team mates, and our families. I'm so thankful she went to Technohub after I told her that Nate and I were there. She's really amazing! I hope for the best for her.

Nate with STL Faith 


I didn't want to leave him, good thing he's breastfed
Somebody enjoys seeing his reflection ;)
He immediately sat on ground when he saw the light! :)
Nate with his "soon-to-be" ninang. :D
Nate's first in Technohub and my first after pregnancy (seems like yesterday when I go here everyday to report for work).
Nate looks tired :D
Nate sleeps everywhere, he doesn't care! 
Time off for mommas :)
Besties. ♥
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