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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nate's DIY Birthday Invitation

 Well, it's sort of a DIY but I needed help from a friend to layout the invitation, we just worked on the envelopes for Nate's upcoming birthday and dedication on May 9th. As usual, thanks to the very kind Google for all the ideas we got for his football themed event. His name is Amante, he's a great guy and he's been helping us with layouts ever since. He's helped us layout our wedding invitation before, and now he's helped us with Nate's invitation. :) Here's his finish work - he's such a bright kid!

Dane wanted Nate's invitation to be like a ticket, and I think Amante did a great job! (Half left is the back page and half right is the front page. 
This is how Amante designed the program. It's more than what I expected. 
I'm so thankful that we can get help from him when it comes with photo layouts. I'm sure we'll ask for his help again in the future (namimihasa lang? haha). Amante, if you're reading this, thank you so much! :) Sana i-bless pa ni Lord and talent mo at i-enhance pa lalo. ;)

Now for our part of the project - the envelopes. I had Dane buy an envelope in the bookstore so we customize Nate's invitation envelope and he bought me a plain white envelope - it was perfect. So what I did was I printed little footballs and pasted them inside the envelope and I used the remaining balls from the giveaway bags and used them as the invitation's seal. This is an easy-peasy.

1. Have the envelopes and the printed design ready to use to add design on the envelope
2. Cut out a pattern for your design. Cut the designs according to the pattern and paste them on the envelopes
3. This is how it should look. :)
4. Paste the ball on the envelope cover and use later as a seal when everything's ready. Print the program put inside the readied envelopes
5. And here's Nate's invitation ready for distribution :)

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

DIY Giveaway Bags for Kids Using a Brown Bag

The past few weeks have been a busy time for us but as we've already started preparing for Nate's upcoming birthday and dedication. Dane and I have long decided his birthday celebrations theme - football/soccer! :) Why football? Hhhhmmm, it's not very commonly used and football was Dane's sport back when he was in High School. At some point, we wanted that for Nate too but whatever Nate wants when he grows up, we'll respect it. In the mean time, since he can't decide what theme he wanted for his birthday, I let Dane decide instead! lol.

Parties are really costly for me, especially the customized ones but we wanted this - for Nate and we wanted him to see this when he grows up. So we thought of some ways to cut costs and we've decided to make the decorations DIY or should I say DIO (do-it-ourselves) because we're a team here. haha. So thanks to Google images and Pinterest for giving us an idea. Here's what we did for the party bags for kids using the inexpensive brown bags!

1. Grab a brown bag. 

2. Double your bag, that way it doesn't get easily torn. Put a support on the base. 

3. Fold the upper part for handle. 

4. Use puncher to make holes. 

5. Now that you have the holes ready, fold the edge again, this time put the folding inside the bag.

6. Get your ribbon and paste it in the bag.

 7. You can paste 'til the bottom, back to back, you may also not include the base anymore (para tipid sa ribbon. haha). 

 8. Make sure the ribbon is in the center, or you can also have 2 ribbons together.

9. Take your the football design (we did these ourselves too and had them ready). Paste the football back to back. 

 11. Put the holder on the holes readied earlier, and...

12. There you have it! Our DIY giveaway bags for the kids on Nate's birthday. :) 

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Nate's First Haircut and What to Expect During Your Child's First Haircut

Let me tell you something, when I was pregnant, never did it crossed our minds that Nate would have a curly hair (who would've when both Dane and I have really straight hairs, right?). So when Nate came out, the first time I saw him, I was totally caught off guard. I just didn't see that coming and honestly, I was a bit sad when I saw him with curly hair. However, when his hair started growing, I started loving it, his hair's so shiny, black, smooth and perfectly curly! Just look at this one: 

Nate's perfect curls!
His curls would've been so wonderful if they stay that way 'til he grows up, but he's a boy and boys' hairs are known to be short (except for others who want longer hair. Well, I don't want him to have a really long hair too). After some sort of discussions with Dane, we finally decided to have his hair cut. Our plan before was to wait 'til he's 1 year old but we couldn't wait anymore.

1. It's summer, he feels so hot with his hair
2. His hairs so long, they cover his eyes already
3. Many thought he's a girl! lol!
4. My parents suggested it.

Before we cut his hair, we'd use a ponytail on his hair so it won't cover his eyes, otherwise it'll look like this:

So yesterday, we went to Ever Gotesco Mall to have his hair cut. To our surprise, he was very happy and friendly. When he's with people he's not familiar with, he's usually snob so I thank him so much for being very cooperative. But during the later part, he got bored and started crying. Thankfully, the barber was very patient with him even though he was jumping up and down! Dane took a video during the haircut but so funny how everything was paused without his knowledge until Nate's hair's all gone!

The all happy and excited Nate, amazed by all the new things he saw
We said goodbye to Nate's curly hair. I was sad to see his hair being cut. I'm being OA right now but I was a bit emotional. lol! Honestly, I came totally unprepared. I thought it would be easy but it wasn't. I know there are barber shops that have really cool stuff to keep babies and kids stay but this shop we went to was just a regular barber shops and we don't know where to find those types of shops. Here's what we can expect and be ready for during our child's first haircut:

1. Expect to sit on "that" chair. No, your baby's not sitting on that chair (plus, the chair's huge, he's not gonna stay still! haha. So you, we mothers are the ones to sit on that chair while carrying him.

2. Expect a lot of cut hair on you and your baby. Nate didn't like the cover they use, he takes them off so the barber decided not to use it anymore. And, we forgot to put it on me instead. wahaha! So I was all messed with Nate's hair.

3. Prepare extra clothes. This one's a must (and I know now). On his next haircut, I'll definitely bring extra clothes not only for him but also for me.

4. Prepare your tricks so he'd sit still. I think it took about 7-9 minutes for the barber to cut his hair. Nate was very active so it took longer. I had to do something para matapos na agad and I had to use all the hidden talents I have to get his attention so he'll stay and not move because if not, he'll go grab the scissors, the combs and the brushes! lol!

5. Expect the feeling of shock. When your baby's hair is lengthy, just like Nate's and it suddenly becomes very short, you'll get a mixed emotion! haha. May shock factor talaga sya!!! I think it was funny how Dane and I kept staring at him for a few minutes. I personally think Nate has changed, his entire being is what I meant, I don't know. hahaha. When we arrived home, they were all laughing to see him with a very short hair. Tumawa lang din si baby. Nakakatuwa!

I hope these tips can help you in preparing for your child's first haircut! :) Oh, and before I forget, here's Nate's before and after photo:

Nate's long and curly hair versus the new trimmed hair. :)

What was your experience during your child's first haircut? I'd love to know your story. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Luzon Grace Youth Conference (LGYC) 2015

This is probably my very last post about our visit to Baguio. This is the main reason why we went there - to attend a fellowship. If not all, most of the youth in our churches get excited to fellowships. It's a gathering-in-one; meet new friends, learn new things, study the word of God, worship together and go to new places (who would not even be excited for that?).

This year's Luzon Grace Youth Conference (LGYC) was held in the summer capital of the Philippines - Baguio! LGYC is a gathering of the young people (young by age and young by heart, hehe) of the Grace Gospel Churches in Luzon. Dane and I were regular attendees of this conference before. Now that we're married, we can't be a delegate anymore but guests like us can definitely still attend, we can be chaperons, guides, or just ordinary attendees.

Theme: "Strengthening the Youth in a Toxic World"
Text: 2 Timothy 2:22 ("So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart.")
Guest Speaker: Ptr. Moreto Rebana (Executive Director - Thing to Come, Inc)
Venue: Philippine BELL International School   
Date: April 2 - 5,2015
This year's theme is "Strengthening the Youth in a Toxic World". Nowadays, youth face so many challenges everyday and it's inevitable that they also face temptations. We are now surrounded with so many "toxins" that we need to overcome (this doesn't even just apply to young people, this is for everyone). Sometimes, when a defense is not strong enough, a person easily gets influenced by the negative things around him or her, which is why in this toxic world, we need to make sure we are strengthened by God's word.

some of the participants during the conference
With the youth from Pasig Church
The conference was indeed very successful, this year's LGYC was participated by more than 400 young people and many Pastors, bible women and church workers. The number was overwhelming and to be honest, I don't know how many all in all were there (I didn't ask the registration committee either. hehe). During the last night's worship service, the young people were challenged to come to repentance and accept Jesus as their personal savior and Lord as well as well as the others were challenged to actively participate in the church ministry. 

Delegates waiting in line for their meals
Manila and Isabela delegates
I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time and I hope that things taught during lectures and sermons will not go in vain. Dane and I, personally grew up attending conferences so for us, it's like a part of our lives already. And I'm happy that even though we now have our own family, we were still able to attend.

Sharing some of the MANY photos during the conference. All photos © Norbie Joy Lanzaderas
cheerers. :)
Valenzuela delegates
Manila delegates in The Mansion during our tour
Ladies during a basketball game
Speakers and lecturers during the conference - our pastors
Mime presentation during one of the worship services from Bicol delegates
Ptr Balbin, one of the lecturers, conducting a lecture
I didn't see this but I was told this presentation was really wonderful
Taekwondo presentation of the gospel
Youth busy on a team building
Team Building
Evening worship service

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Baguio Trip with Family and Churchmates

Last year, we planned to be in Baguio for the Holy Week with our family not just to be together but also to attend the Luzon Grace Youth Conference (LGYC). I am thankful that everything went according to plan. On March 28, 2015 the reunion we were all waiting for finally happened when our parents and siblings arrived. The last time we were complete was back in October 2013.

Meet my family: Beb, Nate, Me, Nanay, Tatay, Jeriel & Ashiel

We were in Baguio from April 1-5, 2015. It was a great time to be complete with your family and be able to fellowship with the other believers in the Lord. Since we were there for a fellowship, we didn't have much time to visit the parks in Baguio until the tour time in the program and before going home . We were only able to visit a few: Wright Park, The mansion, Botanical Garden and the famous strawberry farm.

Sistah 1
Sistah 2
Unico Brotha! :)
Nate with his "ate's" and lola
Strawberry farm group photo before we head home
We went to strawberry farm before we travel back home. It was a very short stop with our tour bus because the driver didn't want to go home at night as it would be very foggy and dangerous to travel back home (sobrang tarik pa naman ng kalsada dun!). Plus, binagyo pa kami, it was the time that Chedeng decided to pass by the Philippines. Thankfully, we went home safe and protected from the storm. It was reported that typhoon was at signal #2 that time. Strawberry picking costs Php 400 so we didn't mind availing of it. lol! But we bought strawberries, strawberry wines and other sweets. It was still fun anyway and the place is amazing!!!

Sisterettes (Tres Marias)
Boys only pic
Lovers in Baguio. Sweet! 
Obligatory photo :)
Timer - because there ain't no monopod! lol!
The botanical garden is one of the nearest parks in the city so it was our first stop. It's a wonderful place (as usual!), I think everything's nice in Baguio. lol. The place was good when we were there so as Nate's mood so it was perfect and we all had a great time.


Pretty obvious that it was already raining but we still enjoyed the tour. 
The mansion
I bet they all had fun in that short ride
Trees have hands in Baguio ;)
Nanay had to just stay on the bus after we left the botanical garden. She couldn't breathe easily and was having a hard time walking due to her sickness so she decided not to join us in going to Wright Park and the Mansion.

We didn't visit as much places as we wanted to but we still had a great time. We weren't able to visit the famous La Presa, it's OK, we may be there next time. I'm happy to be able to visit Baguio with my family. It's a dream come true for me to be in that cozy place with all of us together, I wish we had more time, nevertheless, the time we had together was fun-filled!

I don't know when will our next reunion be but I'm thankful that God gave that 2-weeks for us to be together. When we all look back to where we were before, we would always end up praising God. Not that we've now become so very rich but now, we were able to have a short family trip together. Back when we were younger, we couldn't even afford a Jollibee meal, haha (or maybe we could, we just didn't try and the money spent on that meal could be our whole day food. We may not be rich but time and money just come and go, so why not spare some amount to be together with family. I definitely look forward for more reunion with them, but maybe not in places with long walking times in the mountains anymore, nanay can no longer enjoy that kind of adventure. I hope to be with them on a beach or have staycation together next time. 
A family is a family no matter what
Are you planning to visit Baguio anytime soon? If you are, always remember that there are ways to save on your expenses. Find cheap hotels in Baguio and use your savings to buy your loved ones "pasalubong" instead. :D
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