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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Let me start with greeting all dads a happy father's day once again! Over the past few weeks I have seen so many father's day gifts suggestions online and I've planned a few surprises for Dane already but funny, I didn't turn out as I wanted it to be, haha! But it was still a fun-filled father's day. :)

Saturday evening, I was determined to sleep and wake up early so I can create a short video presentation for Dane for his 2nd father's day. I readied my alarm at 4am so I can do my sort of "surprise". So what happened was, I slept at 12 midnight! And not only that - alas, I did not hear my phone ring at all!!! That is so cool! My body never cooperated to my plans! lol. So I woke up at 6:00 am and that is very late already for a Sunday preparation to go to church for worship service, etc. I had no choice but to set aside that video and wait for another year to do it, haha (I couldn't do it during weekdays because I'm quite occupied already). I just made a short photo greeting on Facebook and greeted Dane and all my friends, relatives and fathers (biological and spiritual), and off I readied for our Sunday School.

During our church worship service, we people recognized the fathers in our church. They were called to sit in front and we prayed for them. They played these really very nice video clips (I saw these already but I still cried when I saw again being played in the church), they're really nice and it touched me, I really remembered my father. For those who haven't seen it yet, here it is ( still cry no matter how many times I watch it!):

They also played another clip to remind us that God is the greatest father of all. I'm was very thankful that they played this right after the first clip, it's such a great relief!

Fathers acknowledged and prayed over in the church during father's day
After worship service, we had a quick lunch and practice so we won't be late for the Cluster 1 women's fellowship. Cluster 1 women's fellowship is a gathering for moms/wives together from the churches in Quezon City, Caloocan and Montalban, Rizal. The fellowship is done every 3 months. Last Sunday's them was about "The Beauty of a Godly Woman of Faith" and our speaker shared about how God's perfect creation was made imperfect because of the sin we've inherited from Adam and Eve but how we're still made perfect through the death of Christ on the cross for all our sins. Women's fellowships are simple but very fun and nice. It always feels great to see other mother's (older and younger moms) get together.

Some photos during women's fellowship

Last Sunday, we had solo, duet and trio contests, it was nice seeing moms offer their songs to worship God. Me and my friends Melody and Melisa joined for the trio contest. We sang "It is well with my soul", written by Horatio Spafford. This very nice song to remind us to stay calm in spite of every circumstances that life may bring. The only thing is, they thought were done singing so they clapped already and I burst out laughing really loud, we were unable to finish our song! haha! It was really funny for me, I can't help but share the video here as well! hahaha!

Ang pinakaEPIC na trio sa buong buhay ko. Haha. Pasensya na mga niiing, nasira ko yung trio natin. Di ko na mapigilan, baka mautot ako e. Hahaha. Masaya ako sa naging outcome, napatawa natin sila, nanalo pa tau!
Posted by Nilyn EC Matugas on Sunday, 21 June 2015
(c) Melody Decena
Lastly, we went home and had dinner together. I asked my sister, Beb to buy a cake for Dane and of course, since it's father's day, there was no more dedication cake in Red Ribbon!

Our father's day was simple, tiresome and fun-filled! How did you celebrate the father's day? I'd love to hear from you. ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!!!

"A father is ever willing to sacrifice for his own comfort for that of his children. Daily he toils to provide the necessities of life. Never complaining, ever concerned for the well-being of his family. This love for children, this desire to see them well and happy, is a constant in a time of change."


This day, as we celebrate and honor our fathers, husbands, uncles, and all the men we treat like a father. 


Friday, June 12, 2015

Internet Problems resolved (or is it?)

For the past 2 weeks, I have been unable to take care of my blog because of the problems we were encountering with Bayantel (and for that, I will never refer them to anybody).

I was beyond furious but there was nothing I could really do. Last week, we had to stay at our godparents' place in San Mateo just to be able to come to work (and yeah, this is one of the disadvantages of working at home, you don't rejoice during down times).

Here's a summary of our experience. I don't have the exact dates but this what I can remember:
1. About 2 months ago, our internet connection has been intermittent. I didn't really worry much because it just comes in a few seconds then come back on. This seldom happens.  
2. Few days after, we notice that the intermittent connection got worse and the down times had become more frequent so we called for a technician.  
3. Internet technician came the day after I called and "repaired" the internet (not sure what he did but he was here for less that 10 minutes). The internet connection went back and was working good for  about a day.  
4. I made another call to complain and they had another technician come to "repair" the internet connection and it was working for a few days again.  
5. Only the internet modem was working, if we connect the internet to a wifi router, we wouldn't have any access. I called and another technician came and blamed the 2 Cisco wifi routers we have for not working properly anymore. Said he could try to configure them but I would have to pay extra (which I agreed), whatever it takes just to have everything back working. He stayed for about an hour trying to fix everything but to no avail.  
6. The owner of the house we live in was able to fix the problem o quickly and the wifi routers are back working perfectly.  
7. We noticed that every time we use the telephone to make an outgoing call, the internet goes off for a few seconds then comes back on again. So we called and have another technician come. They're the internet technicians and said they couldn't fix the problem because it will be the telephone technicians' job.  
8. We waited for a line man (phone technician) to come but no showed up so I called again. Made another appointment, and to my surprise, they had another internet technician come who said the very same thing (a lineman should be the one to fix it).  
9. So I called again (really mad at the whole situation already) and demanded for a lineman to come to repair the issue. I demanded to talk to a supervisor to make sure it's a phone technician's (not an internet tech's) appointment and they did call to confirm. 
10. Two linemen came to check the line for a few minutes and left. Said it's been fixed but we'll have to still observe it. They left after about 5 minutes. That very day, at work, I was suddenly offline for about 4 hours (great right?).  
11. This exchange of calls and appointment went on and on that I started to loose hope that everything will be taken care of. 
12. Last Wednesday, I made another call to complain the exact same problem. I was told it took time to repair because it was an outside wiring problem and mainbox problem (I don't really know what they mean anymore). Rep said he'd make yet ANOTHER appointment for an internet/phone technician to come to make sure both the internet and phone can be checked on the next visit. (Are you kidding me??!!! Meron naman palang repairman na kayang ayusin pareho ang internet at landline, di nyo na pinadala dati pa!!!).  
13. Yesterday, June 11th, another technician came. I asked if he was a lineman or an internet technician, he says he does both. He checked the DSL router for a little while and I also told him about the phone that doesn't have dial tones anymore. He left to check the main box outside (or whatever they're called) and came back to tell Dane the problem's been fixed and told us to observe the internet connection. 

Since yesterday, I don't see any problems with the internet connection and I am just so relieved. But the entire experience was an aweful nightmare for me. I would never want to experience this ever again. Plus, the burden of talking to customer service reps who say so many different things, most of them just don't agree to each other. The 2nd person says a different thing than the first person, etc.

I would never refer Bayantel to anyone. To me, Bayantel is the worst Internet Service Provider in the Philippines. I will never forget this very stressful experience we have with them. I got so many lost hours at work and had my reliability at risk because of this and I'd remember travelling at night to San Mateo with Nate, my 1 year old son and Dane just to be able to have an internet connection for work.

This is nightmare will never be forgotten. I hope it's over so I can go back to my blogging routines.

Have you ever had a negative experience with your ISP provider? Share your thoughts!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 2015 at a Glance

I can’t believe that there’s only 1 more month and we’re half a year done with 2015! Parang kalian lang kakastart lang ng May ah! I think time doesn’t just fly – it teleports now! Lol! What did you do during the very hot days in May? Here’s mine:

     1.       Nate’s 1st birthday and dedication. For me, Nate’s 1st birthday and dedication was the highlight of this month. We prepared for about a month for his DIY football themed birthday and all I can say was that it’s very tiresome but very fulfilling at the same time. I am very happy we survived the first year with him. Dane and I were congratulating each other, lol! It wasn’t easy at all!

     2.       My 2nd mother’s day. We had an unexpected time with my friends (some were also moms) on mother’s day. We were acknowledged in the church during worship service as well. Being a mother is the toughest, most challenging job there is in the world! I was happy we had a great time with our kids playing in SM Fairview.

     3.       Daily Vacation Bible School. I survived a 5-day challenge during our DVBS in our church. We had so many students this year and we are very thankful to God for all His blessings! We were challenged financially, spiritually, physically and even emotionally but by God’s grace our DVBS was a success!

     4.       Freebies! This month, I also got 2 products for Nate to try. Thanks to my MBP family for Nate’s Nutri10 food supplement and his Organic baby wipes. I love the baby wipes, they smell really good and I can’t wait for Nate to try the food supplement. I will do a review after a month of Nate trying it out. :)

     5.       May 31st birthdays. I had 5 friends on Facebook that who celebrated their birthdays together on May 31st. One of them is my sister. I’m happy for her, especially that she enjoyed the simple celebration we had for her.

May 2015 has brought me so many wonderful memories and I am very happy to keep them in my memory box. :) 

How did your month of May go?

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