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Friday, July 31, 2015

JULY 2015 at a GLANCE

The fact that July ends today is unbelievable plus the fact that there's going to be a blue moon tonight makes it even more overwhelming! Can you believe it? We're one month past half 2015 and in 5 month's time it's going to be 2016. Wow year, you move so fast!

This month had us very busy and happy (and left us with empty wallets, lol) due to all the activities we were able to do this month. Nonetheless, I am joyful to be able to experience those with the people close to me.

There were few activities that kept us very busy this month:

1. Manila Ocean Park.
Our first visit Manila Ocean Park with the toddlers who enjoyed the all the activities even though it was rushed. It was an a great experience and we're very happy to see the kids astonished by all the wonderful sight!

2. I was able to finally visit Love Desserts!
Since earlier this year, I have been meaning to visit this place to be able to taste their unlimited dessert for 199 only. It was an unplanned visit with the toddlers (still! who else will be with us other than them anyway? haha).

3. Villa Escudero day tour with my boys & CheVy.
I'd like to call them CheVy (Ritche + Ivy) because it sounds sossy to me. Hehe. CheVy have been travel buddies since waaaay back and thankfully, we were able to go places with them when they decided to come to Manila.

We took them to Ecopark too and Love Desserts because they say they looove desserts too. Fortunately, a week before they came, I was able to visit Love Desserts and experience it already!

4. Art in Island weekend.
Before CheVy left to go back to Davao, we were able to go to Art in Island in Cubao too. It was fun, we had a great time, and the place is marvelous! Nate loved walking on the sea gallery part of the museum. And if only there were few people, I would've let him keep walking but I had to carry him because sometimes, he unintentionally photobomb people! lol.

That wraps up my July 2015 experience. I consider it one of the busiest months this year but I am happy to be able to experience all of these. How did your July go?  I'd love to hear how your July 2015 went. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

First Visit to Art in Island

I am blessed to be able to visit Art in Island in Cubao last Saturday with my friends who came all the way from Davao. And of course, I was with my partners: Dane and Nate. But Dane decided not to get inside because he had to buy bass guitar strings for our church's guitar.

Art in Island is the biggest 3D museum in Asia. It does not just let you take pictures of the art displays (unlike most museums) but it also allows you to play and be a part of the paintings! Here you'll really have to work with your imaginations! Haha. This can be a place to forget about taking a selfie, why? Because there's just so many wonderful photos you want to take pictures with!

I thought we'd only be here for an hour but with all the paintings and the ideas you can come up with,  I bet you can stay there for hours. Kung di pa siguro na lowbatt ang cp ng friend ko, baka mas matagalan pa kami, hahaha.

It's more challenging for me to get a good photo because I'm carrying Nate but thankfully, were able to get a few nice photos. (Sulit na, haha). Here are the some of the many photos we captured:

oh, somebody's loving the place! 

-cool and totally wonderful place. People who love "picture 2x" will looove this place!
-so many art works, your eyes will love all of it!
-place is clean, specially because people are required to wear socks or go in bare feet.

-They have restrooms but I wish they have breastfeeding areas too. Nate asks for milk any time he wants so when he asked while we were there, I had to face the wall so people who are not supporting breastfeeding in public will have nothing to say.
-Since we were there on a weekend, here were too many people at that time so it was a bit chaotic and sometimes you will either have to wait for your turn to pose with the exhibit or you give, or you can't get a good photo because there's just too many photo bombers in the background. It's best to go there when there's not too many customers.
-Floor was too slippery (I know they need to do it that way) for Nate while wearing socks, he slid several times so I had to remove his socks so he can walk better.

Adult rate is at Php 500
Student rate is at Php 400
Children below 3ft are FREE
They also have discounts for senior citizen cardholders and PWDs. Art In Island will also be having events and promotions every month. You can visit them on Facebook for more information.

Hours of Operation:
Art In Island is open to public TUESDAYS-SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS from 09:30AM to 09:30PM.

Art in Island is located at: 
175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, 1109 Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Contact Details: 
Phone: (632) 421-1356

All in all, it was an awesome experience still and I am excited to go back there when Nate is older and he can enjoy the place as much as I do.

Monday, July 20, 2015

RestoReview: Love Desserts (Dessert Buffet for Php 199)

Earlier this year, Love Desserts opened its new branch in Pearl Drive, Commonwealth, Quezon City, inviting available mommy bloggers to attend and cover the said opening. I was planning on attending the opening event but I was hesitant because Nate was still little at that I time and I was breastfeeding him. When I was reading the articles posted by other bloggers about it, I was more persistent to visit the place.

On Friday, Dane and I turned 6 years and 9 months together. I was hoping we could visit the place on that day, however, he had a practice in the church for the upcoming youth fellowship on Sunday, July 19th. So I decided to just stay at home. Suddenly, my friend, Melisa invited (I think “tempted” is the right word for this, haha) me to go out. She said she was feeling bored and was hoping for a company to go out with her toddler, ZD. So I decided that we go to Love Desserts.

Mamas and sons
When we arrived, there were too many people outside waiting for their turn. When we inquired inside, we were told there was no table available yet and that we’d have to wait for about 45 minutes. Wow, that’s how many customers they have! They better renovate their place in order to accommodate more customers.

This was the queue we saw before we head home (it was fewer before we got inside)
Good thing there’s a safe place where the toddlers can play and have fun while waiting. Thankfully, we were called after about 20-25 minutes (I guess). We were told we can already start getting our desserts (and pay after).

Toddlers having fun while waiting for us to be called
There were so many desserts to choose from! I don’t even know what they’re called already! Lol. There were about 6 different cake flavors, halo-halo, arroz caldo, iced and milk teas,  cup cakes, macaroons, giant cookies, fruit salad, brownies, muffins, about 7 ice cream flavors, fruits, and a whole  lot more! Seriously, I can’t name them one by one anymore! Haha!

The toddlers had a lot of fun and they were so full too! I almost had a sore throat because of too many sweets! Haha. I think we left the place after about an hour and 15 mins. It was a good experience and we are planning on coming back with some of our friends.

Happy tummies!
-Very accommodating and kind staff. Specially to customers with kids like us. They were very patient with all the mess made by the toddlers. They helped us clean our mess and we’ve never seen a frown looking at our dirty tables!
-The place is accessible; it’s not too far from the high-way.
-The ambience is good.
-The interior designs are nice and unique.

-Very few tables, you’d have to wait outside for your turn. They should really consider getting a bigger space if they want their customers to be satisfied.
-Water dispenser dispenses a very little water (grabe, ang tagal mapuno ng isang basong tubig! Haha)
-They only had 1 high chair so it was only Nate was able to sit still, ZD had to sit on Melisa’s sit.

Love Desserts (Pearl Drive) is located at:
Pearl Drive Commercial Center
Don Mariano Marcos Ave
Quezon City, Metro Manila
You may check them on Facebook
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun:11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Warning: More photos below. ;)

Nate enjoying his ice cream cone! :D
halo-halo is ♥
Melisa didn't know what to get first! haha. 
Sweets haven!
Sweet tooth completely satisfied!
Thanks for reading! 'Til next time! :*

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Learning to Honor your Kids

I just have to share this really wonderful video I found on Facebook about honoring our kids. I admit that I myself, get upset when Nate starts throwing tantrums. Sometimes I won’t know what to do anymore, whether I try to stop him calmly or with a stern voice, he’d do it even more.

Parenting is really not an easy job – it’s one of the hardest things to do. It requires tons of patience, self-control and understanding. This video just hit me and made me realize that there are things I’ve not been doing right. And in order Nate to honor me, I should honor him first. I’m happy I stumbled upon this clip; it really brought tears in my eyes. I hope you (parents) find this video very encouraging too!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Candy: Learning to Honor
Parenting is not easy. It's full of ups and downs. But do not be discouraged, God is not finished with you yet! May Candy's story enlighten you on how you honor God by striving to become a godly parent by His grace at
Posted by Christ's Commission Fellowship on Thursday, 9 July 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Manila Ocean Park Visit

One of my friends Melody pinged us with some good news about 1 month and a half ago - she said she was given free tickets to Manila Ocean Park! Yaaay! But the problem is, it's just good for 2 (and there's three of us), so I decided to purchase a ticket online via Metrodeal and got myself a ticket for Pacific Sky Wonder package for P799 (syempre, nag ambag sila sa ticket ko, libre yung sa kanila e. hahaha)

Just one thing about Metro Deal before I proceed though. The ticket I got was advertised as: "Ultimate Adventure Level Up: Enjoy 10-in-1 Attractions with Manila Ocean Park Pacific Sky Wonder for P799 instead of P3250". Really? For Php 3, 250? Wow that's 75% off. But when we were already there, I looked at the price list and saw that the ticket I got was originally for Php 900 (well, at least I saved 101 pesos). Pero this is what I don't like about Metro Deal, they intentionally make the original price high to make it appear like you've saved a lot of money, probably part of their marketing strategy, we can't blame them but, yeah, it's an obvious lie I see right there. So, this made me realize I will just have to go to Metro Deal if I really need one.

Ok, so much for my rants - moving on! After church, we decided to leave for Ocean Park. We arrived there at around 4PM (which is a bit too late if you have about 9 or 10 stations to go to). I think it's best to go there at noon 'til eve. Since it was a weekend, there were many people and we spend about an hour waiting in line for our first stop - the sea lion show. The causes of delay were the long line and the system upgrade/change in the ticket booth (super tagal). Plus, Nate was sleeping, I had to carry him in my arms because we didn't bring any carriers with us (we're all women kaya magaan lang at ung need lang talaga yung dinala namin).

I forgot to bring my ID pa! I thought di na ako matutuloy. Buti na lang, pagtingin ko sa CP ko, andun pa yung SSS ID na pinicturan ko, buti nalang hinonor nila at pinaemail nalang sakin, kung hindi, nga-nga kami ni Nate!

After waiting in line, our first stop was the (1) sea lion show. Nate was sleeping when it started and (I'm so sorry baby), I really woke him up. When he woke up, he was a little grumpy but later enjoyed the show and kept clapping. ZD was so happy to see the sea lions too!

The show lasted for about 20-25 minutes I believe and we were all smiling after watching it. But since we're a bit late, we hurried and went to our next stop: The (2) birds of the prey Kingdom. It was the simplest attraction for me. It was just a wide cage where can get inside and have some souvenir photos taken. Nate and ZD had the chance to get close to an eagle but we didn't stay that long there really. I think we only stayed for about 3 minutes.

"hello Mr. Bird!"
This visit was so "in a hurry" that we had to run from one place to another! It was so difficult to settle our schedules since Melody works 6/7 a week. Our only available time was a Sunday and since we have a worship service in the morning, we had to leave in the afternoon. In fact, we still have activities in the afternoon, we just delegated it to my sister-Beb. Our next stop was the Jellyfish exhibit or the (3) penguin talk show (I forgot which went first. haha) which we did not really enjoy - as soon as we arrived in that theater-like place, we immediately left! haha! One because it was full and nobody offered a seat, two, because we haven't started the show and could relate and third, of course, we were in a hurry! haha.

The toddlers love the (4) jelly exhibit! You can see that they're in awe by looking at their eyes. Nate did nothing but point. This place is great for kids, they can learn a lot.
Don't look at my funny face here, I was trying to show Nate and ZD looking at the exhibits. Look at their wide eyes! They didn't care about the camera! haha. 
These Jellies remind me of Spongebob and Patrick! I wish I brought a net! lol. 
Then we went to (5) Yexel's toy museum. I am not a fan of Yexel Sebastian I know him as the older brother of the late Jam Sebastian. And I heard about his toy museum since two or three years ago I guess and I've always wanted to be able to visit so I made we could go there. This place is filled with so many figures from marvel to the minions to Gollum from Lord of the rings and many more.
The toddlers, didn't like the huge figures. Nate even cried when I had him stand at beside the minions
We stayed a bit longer in the museum since there's a place where we can sit and the kids could walk. It's a great place overlooking the ocean too. I wanted to even lie down and sleep! haha. After the museum we went to one of Ocean Park's highlight - the (6) oceanarium! yaaay!

sting rayyyy!!!

break time! The toddlers asked us for recess! haha

After oceanarium, we headed to (7) trails of Antartica. Since I did not make any research about ocean park, we had no idea what's in these attractions. When we were going to trails of antartica, I was like "there better be a cold place there"! or I will burn the place down! haha. We were all tired we almost didn't want to go anymore. Good thing we went there because it was one of the nicest in Ocean Park for us. Nate and ZD love this place, ZD even went back inside when we were returning the jackets! I wish we could stay longer. It was so cold inside, we all loved it!

After trails of Antartica, we hurried to our last attraction - the (8) Musical Fountain show. It was nice but we didn't finish it anymore, we went home before the show ended because we were all very hungry and tired plus the kids started getting fuzzy.

What we missed:
During this visit, we missed the fish spa, the sharks and sting rays,  the marine life habitat and the all star bird show. Which is why it's best to go there at noon so you don't miss any of the attractions.

What we love: 
We all agree we love the trails of antartica the most, the sea lion how then the oceanarium, yexel's museum and the jellies exhibit.

What we didn't like: 
We were not very happy with the birds of the prey kingdom, and the penguin talk show.

Package and rates:
1. DEEP SEA RUSH (5 attractions for Php 550 )
*Sea Lion Show
*Marine Life Habitat
*Jellies Exhibit
*Musical Fountain Show

2. SEA BREEZE EXPRESS (8 attractions for Php 700)
*Sea Lion Show
*Marine Life Habitat
*Jellies Exhibit
*Musical Fountain Show
*All start bird show
*Of prey Kingdom
*Penguin Talk Show

3. PACIFIC SKY WONDER (10 attractions for Php 900)
*Sea Lion Show
*Marine Life Habitat
*Jellies Exhibit
*Musical Fountain Show
*All start bird show
*Of prey Kingdom
*Penguin Talk Show
*Trails to Antartica
*Yexel's Toy Musium

Manila Ocean Park is located: 
behind Quirino Grandstand
Luneta Manila Philippines 1000
Trunkline:  +63 2 567 7777
Facsimile: +63 2 567 2309
To view their location map, click here

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