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Thursday, September 17, 2015

6 Years, 11 months together

Today marks Dane & I's 83rd month together. We started our relationship since we were teenagers. Now, we're already at our mid-20s.

I feel so old!!! lol!

This is us when we started (forgive the caption and my amazing bangs!)
This is us almost 7 years after. Me and my Bae Aldane! lol!
Well, truth is I'm a little sad because we may not even be able to celebrate our 7th year together.

Dane is set to leave by this month to work abroad.

Yes, so I finally said it here.

I'm sad, I'm worried, but I know God is in control.

This is not just for us, but for Nate most specially.

So HAPPY MONTHSARY MY ALDANE! hihi! I know you'll read this so I'll make sure to say the magic word: 


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  1. I feel you because I always miss my husband whenever he has business trip so I know that I can't be an OFW wife. Happy monthsary!

  2. Good job to you both for having a love that lasts! Happy 11 months! Stay strong and happy!

  3. 1 month nalang and mag celebrate kana ng 7 yrs anniv first ever without him. apir tau jan gaw. hehehhe

  4. Congratulations, almost seven years in a relationship and still going strong is admirable esp now a days that most relationships never last too long. Keep it up and be happy. :)

  5. May God bless you more with many years together. Just keep the faith and everything will be okay. I know it will be hard having a long distance relationship but God will keep you both strong. Good luck to your husband.

    1. Thank you sis!!! Yes, kay Lord lang talaga kami aasa habang magkalayo..

  6. Congratulations sis! May God bless your relationship and your family more and more. :)


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