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Saturday, October 31, 2015

1st Blogversary: The Joy of Sharing your thoughts

Wow, who would've thought that I'd make it to a year of consistently blogging? I didn't, but I did! haha! Yaaay! So for that I am super duper grateful! I know this is not an achievement to some, but it is for me. I can proudly say I worked hard to maintain this blog for a year, doing that outside work hours, and doing it because it's what I love and I want to do. Every accomplishment here is part of my effort to give a good impression to my readers (or, do I really even have readers? haha!). 

Before I move on with all my sentiments, I'd like to share this:

Yes, you see that right. I was blogging since 2011 (so what are you making "pabebe" about an anniversary when you've had this blog for 4 years?). Well, As you can see, the numbers of posts per year, you know that back in the days, I would only blog when I "feel" like it. Compared to 2015 where I posted 113 (and counting) blogs already! woooh! And not only that, read my first post in 2011:

Well guess what, me, you can never tell! haha! Now, you've opened yourself to judgment and prejudice and you've open up to people after 4 years! lol! And I liked that! Every comment that come on my notification is something I really value and care. I just can't express how grateful I am for all this 12 wonderful months that I have with my blog.

Special shoutout to Sis Maye of Momaye's Diary who was the very first blogger I "know" (she didn't know I knew her already for quite a long time. lol. And became my access to my very first blog community, the BC Bloggers. And to Mommy Bloggers Philippines for approving my request and welcoming me to their community - MBP is my very first Mommy blogger community.

So ladies and gents, may I present, the highlights of my blog for the past 12 months.

1. Bought a domain. This I didn't know I would do! haha! Pero thanks to Sis Maye (again) for encouraging me to buy a domain, I finally got one in August this year. And for the first time, I felt so good to see my domain without "blogspot" on it, haha. It's a lot shorter now (but still long tho, lol!).

2. Ranking. I love to see my rank go up little by little. I don't know, it just makes me proud! hahaha! My Alexa Rank started at Zero and slowly went to 10M. Now, this is what I have. It's not that great yet but it is compared to my previous 10M rank! lol!
Last year's rank:

Alexa Rank: 10M
Alexa Rank (Philippines): 10K

Current Alexa Rank. ♥
3. Sponsored Posts. I have a very few sponsored posts so far but at this time, they're good enough para makabawi sa domain ko. hahaha. This blog does not generate a huge income, I don't really blog for money, I blog because I love to. But it's a lot better to blog and earn extra, right? hahaha! I'd be hypocrite if I say I don't want that! lol!

I also had some writing gig which lasted for about 3 months last summer I believe. And to me, it's an achievement! That really went just in time when we needed extra cash. Thank you Lord!

4. Virtual Friends. Thanks to the wonderful and amazing world of blogosphere, I was able to connect to people everywhere and made friends with them. And I am fortunate to be able to meet some of them already! And of course, looking forward for more blogger friends, virtual and turn non-virtual! lol!
Ana of My World Mommy Ana and Christeena of A WAHM writes
Lanie of Tweensel Mom
Cassey and her mommy Jennie of Raising Hunter during the VitaCubes fun day
Sorry supper blurred! lol!

MBP Community. Photo credits to Tweensel Mom
4. Blog Stats. My Stats slowly increased as I became more active to blogging. Again, it's not as many as the other bloggers, but it is to me already! hahaha.

Total Page View: 3,000
Facebook Page Likes: 100
Instagram Followers: 190

Total Page View: 43, 638
Facebook Page Likes: 270

Pageviews. ♥
Well, almost half of it were my replies. haha! But this one's not counting comments coming from FB as well.
5. Events. Because Nate was still little and there were some events that required no children, I was able to attend to a few events but I'm happy to still be able to participate. And I look forward for more events!

6. Freebies. Tell me who doesn't love freebies and I'll tell you "weeeeh, di ngaaa?!!!". Freebies, no matter how small they are, means so much to me. And so I would like to take this time to shout out to all companies that sent their freebies in. Most of them were sent for product reviews and most of them I got through Mommy Bloggers Philippines. Hold on for a sec, I will name them all! hahaha!

Peerless Lion Corp is the manufacturer of Hanna Shampoo/conditioners, Champion detergent bars/powders/dishwashing liquids/FabCons, Systema toothpastes and toothbrush
A. Organic Baby Wipes
B. Nutri10 Plus Food Supplement
C. CDR-King
D. Ajinomoto
E. Amino Fres-C
F. Rebisco Vita Cubes
G. Zoomanity
H. Jardine Distribution
I. Teething Beads
J. Peerless Lion Corp

To end this drama... THANK YOU!!!! Thanks to all my blog communities, to my husband Dane for his never ending support, he shares my posts all the time (I love you!). Thanks for all the things that I learned (and will continue to learn) in blogging. This is something important for me, I love doing this and will continue to write my thoughts online.

When you open up online, you are more prone to criticisms and judgments, but who cares? I love what I do and I will not stop doing it! Thank you Lord for this opportunity!

Friday, October 30, 2015

VITA CUBES: Your healthy and yummy treat!

Many families are celebrating the Halloween. Although, we don’t personally celebrate it due to my own religious belief,  I completely respect  my friends and family who are commemorating it. I can’t force you with what I believe and you can’t force me with yours either, lol. The only key is respect and that’s what I always do.

Halloween celebrations to some families are a great way to bond, have time and give their kids  the chance to wear different costumes, enjoy parties, play with other kids and have a great time.

One of the things that kids look forward to are the trick or treat and of course, we know that this is a cheat day for them, they looove candies and sweets don’t they. This makes moms like us worry that they maybe too active, can’t sleep, have tooth decays, or eat something that “not-so-nutritious”.

Vitacubes is a healthy alternative for moms and kids for trick or treat. Vitacubes fruit flavoured jelly candy is high in vitamins and minerals that can boost energy and immunity for our kids. This we can give them without worrying too much. VItacubes comes in many different flavors: strawberry, apple, grape, orange, and mango.

Vita Cubes Nutritional info
Vita Cubes is available at all Mercury Drug outlets, SM Supermarlets, Robinson's Supermarkets, Waltermart, Landmark, Puregold, Mini Stop and local grocery stores. 

Vita Cubes may be bought per box (containing 10 pcs of 50g packs) or per individual 50g packs. 

Vita Cubes Singles (Php 1 per piece) may also be bought at sari-sari stores, supermarkets, and local grocery stores. 

Suggested Retails Price (SRP) for a 50g pack is at Php 12. 

Make your treats even more exciting with these other Rebisco products that kids will surely love!

Yummy has never been this healthy. Healthy has never been this yummy!

Thursday, October 29, 2015


  Yesterday, October 28, MBP was invited by active fun for a spooktacular event held in active fun, Fairview terraces. It was an afternoon filled with fun, games and magic show.

Were glad to be able to be with some other moms, not just the mommy bloggers, who were very supportive and were there to cheer their kids all throughout.

Dancing mascots! :)
There were lots of attendees at that event! Clearly the place wasn't enough  to accommodate all of us but I’m glad most didn’t bother! Lol. Maybe we were too enjoy with the host’s show. Although I wasn’t sure if they were expecting that great number of participant’s. well, I hope they were so they could’ve prepared a bigger place held the event. It was just too crowded and hot, I was standing while carrying Nate for almost half of the program.

The kids came with a very nice costumes-well, I can say its safe to say they were really prepared! Lol!. We were late, unfortunately, so our kids weren’t part of the costume contest anymore. It doesn’t matter, we still enjoyed it though!

Costume contest winners
The event was very successful and everyone went home with smiles on their faces. The kids were allowed to play inside the “active fun” play room but since it was already 6pm at that time,we’ve decided not to avail of it anymore because I still needed to go home and take a sleep since I work at 9pm (WAHMY Duties! Lol!)

Active fun Fairview terraces is located at the Lower Ground floor of Ayala Fairview Terraces

Nate enjoying a ride with a stiff Zebra after the event! lol!

with Mommy bloggers (sorry this is the clearest that I got! lol)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

e-TESDA: a TESDA Online Program

I have stumbled upon a post from a newsfeed and found a post about TESDA (The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) where they offer free online courses at our own convenience. 

I have heard about this before but did not really bother checking this 'til today when I found out they have A LOT of online courses to offer already. I am a proud product of TESDA, I am not a college graduate (so it's time for me to pay them back by spreading this news, hehe). 

Back in 2009, I studied enrolled in a Finishing Course for Call Center Agents for a month in TUCP (Trade Union Congress of the Philippines) located in Quezon City. After the course, I worked as an inventory assistant for Pinkbox then applied in Sitel (my first call center home) after I finished my contract with Pinkbox.

I'm always proud to say that I am a product of TESDA, because of the course they offered, I now am work at a BPO-related job for about 6 years now. So I'm happy to know that they continue to offer courses to people who are interested. I just visited their website and created an account. I want to be able to finish the courses that I want to take.

The site is pretty easy to navigate and here's a step-by-step guide on how you can create an account to access their online courses: 





I'm not sure if they are giving away certification after you finish the course but I have a strong feeling that they do. I just started enrolling for my course. I'm excited to learn more about it.

Those of you who might be interested, you may visit their website at for more information.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sundayvotion: From Death To Birth

“Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the Word of God, which liveth and abideth forever” (I Pet.1: 23).
We are prone to think of death as following birth. People are born to live their lives and then die.

image source: someecards
Spiritually, however, it is the other way. St. Peter, by divine inspiration, says that we must be “born again” because: “All flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth and the flower thereof falleth away: But the Word of the Lord endureth forever. And this is the Word which by the gospel is preached unto you” (IPet. 1:24, 25).

This new birth is a spiritual matter, necessitated by the fact that by nature men are “dead in trespasses and sins” (Eph. 2:1). Thus believers are not born again in the same way as they were first born, but are born again — given new life, by believing the Word of God.

God’s Word, in this passage, is called “incorruptible seed”— seed that cannot die. Once the Word takes root in one’s heart, once it is believed and received, it never dies, but produces “everlasting life”.
“The Word of the Lord endureth forever. And this is the Word which by the gospel is preached unto you” (Verse 25).

The Word of God takes root in one’s heart only as one believes the gospel, the good news, about Christ’s redemptive work. Peter himself proclaims this wonderful gospel: “…ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold…but with the precious blood of Christ…”(IPet.1:18,19).

“Who His own self bare our sins in His own body on the tree…” (IPet.2:24). 
“For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the Just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God…” (IPet.3:18).


"From Death To Birth" is taken from the devotional email entitled "From Death To Birth"  I received from Berean Bible Society. I claim no credit to this post. Just want to share this wonderful devotional to those who can read it. Be blessed!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Teething Beads: Teething Jewelry for Moms

Teething is one of the very challenging times that our children have to face. We even see teething as on of the possible causes of our children losing weight.

Each child is different and so the experience varies from one child to another. However, most of the common challenges that mothers & children face together during teething are the following:

1. Lack of appetite which is sometimes caused by pain. Most of the time, it’s due to their swollen gums  that’s causing our children to lose their appetite on whatever food we offer them, or it’s the pain itself, that even though they want to eat, they just can’t. Poor little kids. Teething can be really painful to some children.

2. Diarrhea. Most doctors agree that teething isn’t the real cause of why the children are having diarrhea but the things that they out in their mouths to soothe their gums. These make them come into contact with more viruses and germs.

3. Irritability/Fussiness. Many kids also experience while they are teething.

4. Drooling. Drooling is also a very common result of teething along with gum swelling and sensitivity.

5. Sleep Problems. Although Nate hasn’t really experience this (thank God!), there are some children who have problems because of teething which could still be because of swollen gums.

6. Fever. Many parents also say that their children experience fever while teething.

And these are just among the many possible results of teething. Just imagine your child having to go through each of these – it’s heart breaking, specially the fact that there’s not much that you can do. Our children will really have to go through this. 

Some children, on the other hand, fortunately get through teething with no problems at all. That’s very good for them!  Although Nate is always not very fussy and all when teething, I always notice that he’s into the happen of biting anything when teething. 

Many moms find help through teethers and or oral teething gels during this phase. I remember putting Nate’s teether on the fridge before to help sooth his swollen gums. 
Just a few days ago, I received a wonderful product called the teething beads jewelry. Which came just at the right time since Nate’s 6th tooth is about to show up. Going outside with teethers sometimes be a hassle. These teething beads offer a solution in the form of fashionable adult jewelry  that can easily be matched with any wardrobe for mothers to wear but for babies to chew during the teething phase. 

I had Nate try it, he didn’t like it at first (and completely ignored it! Lol!) but later on, he couldn’t resist biting it! I have tried biting it too, and I have to say: “NAKAKAADIK SYA KAGATING! Hahaha! NAKAKAGIGIL!”. 

The teething beads are made of 100% silicone beads, offering firm but soft beads for our teething baby to chew on. 

The silicone, which are similar to pacifiers and contain no PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead, cadmium or metals while all our jewelry contains to detachable parts. 

The bracelets:
The teething beads bracelets are a useful and colourful reminder for which side we have just nursed. 

The necklaces: 
The necklaces are designed to be worn by mommies for baby to easily pull and bite whenever they like to. These necklaces have clasps designed with added safety to help that the necklace wont break when our children tug them. What’s good about these is that they can also be cleaned with water and are also sterilizer safe. 

I love the necklace that I god and I bet Nate likes is too. I recommend this product for mothers to try!

For more information about the teething beads, you may contact: 
Margie Lirazan @ 0917-8012-0525
Maylee De Guzman @ 0917-551-0422
You may also visit them on Facebook @

NOTE: The products are supposed to be worn by moms, at the time I was taking pictures, Nate was busy biting it and I haven't had a photo taken with me wearing it! lol!

Disclaimer: These products are sent to me at no cost to try and provide my honest review. All opinions are of my own, based on my experience with the product and is not influenced by anyone else.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

5 Things that made the MBP event in Skyranch Special

On October 17 (which happens to be Dane and I’s 7th anniversary too), we h,ad the chance to gather with other mommy bloggers in the beautiful Sky Ranch in Tagaytay. It was fun and amazing. It was my 2nd MBP event with the (Vitacubes Funday in Ortigas my first) and my friend, Melisa’s (of seafarers’ wife diaries) first.

Here the things that I love about this event that made it super special for me:

1. The company. I am glad that we were able to take our friend, Melody during this event even if she’s not a mommy blogger. Melissa and Melody have been friends for decades already. When I came in the picture and more spice on their crazy lives! Lol! We were so excited about this and I’m very happy I was able to take this two to an event related to the things that I love to do-blogging.
Melisa (Seafarer's Wife Diaries), Melody and Me. Image source: Yeah! Shoot Photobooth

2. The gathering. It’s wonderful to see moms like me who I know can relate to what I do. Some moms have their family complete (which made me wish Dane was here), but I’m still glad that Nate and I were able to join. Some of the moms I've already met before, some I only knew online. And its cool because you don’t  ask for their names first- You ask for their blog names first! Because that’s how you know them in the first place! Lol!

3. The Program. The event was hosted by Mr. Poch Albiso and I can say he did well. I don’t know why but he really reminds me of  “Mitoy” from the voice PH! Hahaha! There were games for kids and families, plus, I can’t forget the fun when Lani, joy1 and joy2  acted for us.! Lol!
Mommy Joy1, Mommy Joy2 & Mommy Lanie - showcasing their talent skills! :)
Photo grabbed from Mommy Lanie of Tweensel Mom
Mr. Pooch Albiso, the event host, and his puppet
Photo grabbed from Mommy Lanie of Tweensel Mom
4. The place. This year’s event was helped in the beautiful Sky Ranch In Tagaytay. It was Nate and I’s 1st time there and the place has amazed both of us! It was cozy and nice, a perfect place for family fun indeed. There are a lot of things you can do in Sky Ranch and I wish we could go back there when Dane comes home.

5. The Rides. Although it was raining at that time were glad to still be able to enjoy some of the rides. Although there’s one we promised well never ride again. It was the bus that does nothing but go up and down. It made us super dizzy after and I got a little headache. Nate and ZD were too pity when they were, they didn’t like it either. I felt so sorry for Nate to experience and I actually feel bad about it—because it was me that made him experience it. Other than that the rest were great- the train, the Ferris wheel, the carousel  except for the fact that you have to wait in line for a very long time. Lol!
Nate enjoying his carousel ride. Image source: Melisa of Seafarer's wife diaries
Our overall experience was awesome. I’m glad to see mommy bloggers- most I met for the first time. The place was cool and perfect to remember  Dane and I’s 7 years of relationship together. If there’s just one more thing I wish I was on that event- it would be Dane. When there are places Nate and I go to and he’s not there- I feel sad and really wish that he could just teleport and be there with us. Lol.

Nate and ZD before the event started. Image source: Melody Decena
Nate on his costume. Image source: Melody Decena
Registration Table. Image source: Melisa of Seafarer's wife diaries
Children enjoying their games
Nate and ZD just got stamped! lol. Image source: Melisa of Seafarer's wife diaries
ZD and baby Charley of Charley's Mommy
With Mommy Lanie, the MBP Head, and the woman behind Tweensel Mom
Thanks to all the sponsors of mommy bloggers PH that made this event a success. Shout out to the following:


And of course, Thanks to Joy, Lanie and Louisa together with the entire program committee. Event, I wish to attend more MBP events in the future. It’s always great to meet more blogger in the future.

More power to Mommy Bloggers PH!!! Photo opp with the moms and their kids. Photo grabbed from Mommy Lanie of Tweensel Mom

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