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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We're in the South now! :)

If you're wondering where I might be, Nate and I are here in Tagum City! Wooooot! :) We left for Davao City on December 3, 2015, we're an hour and a half late (thanks Cebu Pacific! *insert sarcastic smirk here*) and we arrived here in Tagum at around midnight with Nate and my brother.

So happy to finally be home again. I have so many things to share! lol! But I'm gonna have to park that for now 'til I come back home. It's a bit busy here catching up with Nate and family (and still working at the same time).

If there's one thing that I love about working home-based, it's the fact that I can book a flight at anytime, and work anywhere. I have to say Globe is doing a lot better here in Tagum City compared to where we live! I guess it's because there's just a few Globe LTE users here, I don't have kaagaw. haha.

How's your December so far? I'd love to hear from you! :)

Good morning from our humble abode. :) #family #loves

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  1. It has been a busy December for us. We just returned from a trip to Taiwan.


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