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Friday, January 29, 2016

Nate & his first guitar

Earlier this month, with Dane’s permission, I finally got Nate a small guitar! I’ve always wanted to buy one for him since last year but I didn’t want an expensive guitar - just something that will introduce him to guitars but will not break my pocket at the same time! Lol!

Nate is always fascinated with guitars and he’s happy every time he sees one. When we were in SM Fairview, he saw a guitar store and showed it to me. “Giiii-taaah!” ang arte ng gitah! Haha. But yeah, when I saw it, I couldn’t take my eyes off that little guitar, I was already imagining Nate enjoying it. I was almost tempted to buy but I was undecided so I thought I should inform Dane first. 

After we had Nate’s hair cut (which by the way was soooo frustrating as he was crying the whole time), I got Dane’s reply. He told me to buy it and just take care of it. They call it “guitalele” (guitar + ukulele). It was for Php 999. Of course, you can’t really expect a good quality from a guitar with that price. But what’s good about it is that the strings are nylon, so it’s perfect for Nate. You won’t have to worry about him getting any cuts from the strings ‘coz nylons don’t hurt. :)

So, yeah, Nate was happy, I’m happier, Dane is satisfied with how it looks, and for me, it's perfect. Lol! I don’t really teach Nate how to play yet, I just show him how I play the guitar and he’d just try to imitate it.  While browsing online, I found out that there’s also a thing called guitar center rentals. I’m not sure how that works, is it like, just renting the guitars for a period of time? That sounds cool and inexpensive. Not sure if that’s available in the PH though. :)

Btw, this is him trying it out for the first time. :)

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Posted by Nilyn EC Matugas on Saturday, January 16, 2016
How about you? What musical instrument would you like your child to learn? 

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