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Monday, February 22, 2016

OpenRicePH RestoReview: Ka-Tunying's Café

As you’ve obviously noticed by now, I’ve become a regular OpenRice Eat’s a date attendee! Lol! It’s like I’ve known most OpenRice team already, they’ve all been really nice to bloggers and have become a good friend to us. If there’s someone who can understand our “makukulit na kids” during eats a date events, it’s the entire OpenRice PH team! Lol. And for that, I thank them a lot!

Last Tuesday, Feb. 16th, we had the chance to visit the wonderful Ka-Tunying’s Café located in Visayas avenue. I was hoping to see Tunying but, of course, he’s one busy guy so we were assisted by the store manager instead. Ka-Tunying’s Café is another place for good breakfasts. They don’t just offer breads and cakes; they’ve got rice meals too! So, if you are into breads, like me, head over to Ka-Tunying’s café and pay them a visit!  Here’s what to love about Ka-Tunying’s!

1. Accessible location – I was with Melisa of Seafarer’s wife diaries and Mhaan of Mommy Rockin’ in Style going to the place. And since it was the first time for us to go there, we asked our good friend Google maps how to go there. From Philcoa, we rode on a taxi cab so it’s easier to go there (just in case we get lost, lol!), but thankfully, the place just near the highway so it’s super easy to find. It’s one of the most accessible restaurants we’ve ever been.

Bread store on the 1st floor
2. Huge place – Ka-tunying’s café is huge, it’s in a 2 storey building with bread station on the first floor and the restaurant on the 2nd floor. I’m not good with estimates but I think, just the restaurant, on the 2nd floor itself, can accommodate around 50 – 65 customers, and to me, that’s a good place stay with a family already.

Also, they have this cute cubicle that can accommodate around 8 pax, it’s so cute, you can stay there if you want a more exclusive feel. Their interior designs are lovely, the paintings in this café will somehow bring you a serene feeling, I don’t know. Maybe I just like how quiet the place is, even if there’s a busy highway outside.

3. Great food offer. I just recently had my braces installed so, I was really not planning to join this event, but then, Melisa said that’s it’s just a café so we really thought that they’d just give us cakes and drinks, so I decided to join. But to my surprise, they have these mouth watering rice meals! I wanted my braces removed right away (nakakainggit ung kinakain ng iba! And there I was, I couldn’t even chew! Lol!). But yep, here’s their yummy food offer:

Bread heaven!!! yummm
drinks (price ranging from Php 50-70)
Relyenong Bangus - Php 245
Kalabasa Ensaymada (Best-seller) - Php 30

Tsamporado at tuyo (Php 150) & Arroz Ala Tunying (Php 150)
Tinapasilog - Php 185
Longsilog (smayyyyl!!) - Php 195

Camote Cheese Roll - Php 30
Boneless Lechon Belly - Php 295

About Ka-Tunying’s Café:
Ka-tunying's café started in August 21, 2015, but their humble beginning started since 2002 in a small bakery in Nueva Ecija. That small business "boomed" so they decided to create this lovely cafe. They wanted to promote the local Filipino style of food - that's why they have a really local and Filipino food names. For years now, Ka-tunying also supplies breads to Puregold supermarkets.

Bloggers, OpenRice team & Ka-Tunying's staff
There's my lovely food blogger. :)
Katunying's Café is:
Located at: 88 Visayas Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City
Contact#: 02 2469069 ext:622
Opens everyday from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Visit them on Facebook @ Ka Tunying's Cafe

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sundayvotion: God's faithfulness

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
    for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23 
New International Version (NIV)

Times like these when I couldn't go to church isn't easy for me. Nate has been sick for quite a few days now and things haven't been so easy for all of us here at home. He wouldn't eat, he's coughing and it seems like the medicine is working but it's taking a very long time to heal and Nate is in pain. He is always disturbed during sleep because of coughing.

Most of the time, I really get so frustrated and I don't know what to do. I become really sad for my son, I'd pity myself for lack of sleep which makes me palpitate sometimes at work. It pains to see your child sick. It makes you wish you could easily take that illness away and pass it on to you, but unfortunately, that's just not how it works. Weather is one of the causes why children are having coughs nowadays. It gets super hot during daytime but on the other hand, super cold at night. Most kids in the neighborhood are getting sick and Nate isn't an exception.

Oh, the pain of seeing your child suffer is unbearable. I wish that he'll get well soon, and I too, can rest peacefully, when his appetite is back. On the other hand, my lola, who's 89 years old, was also recently admitted at the hospital in Tagum City for the same reason. We're all praying for her healing as well. During the times when I get really down because of the things that are happening to me or my family, I know I can always get a wonderful reminder from the word of God.

His word in Lamentations say that if not because of His great love and compassion, we are consumed. We are safe and kicking because of the air we breath, that's from God. It is His compassion that keeps us alive. And His compassion are renewed everyday; they are new every morning, great is God's faithfulness to us. So, I won't worry, I won't be sad anymore. I know Nate will be healed in God's time, through God's grace and faithfulness. The medicines he's taking are nothing but tools to help him well. I rely on God for complete healing.

It's sad that we're here, staying at home and not at the church to worship, but we need to do this for Nate to completely heal. Have a blessed Sunday to all!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Learn new courses via Shaw Academy

As we get busier with our jobs and all the things that we are doing, sometimes with the things we are doing repeatedly, we end up with stock knowledge. lol. I admit that, do you ever feel like you haven't learned much new things? I do, haha. And this should not be. Learning is a continuous process. However, with the things that we do, we hardly could find a way to join short seminars and courses. I am so happy I found Shaw Academy, this is the answer to busy working folks like you and me who don't want to be left out and who love to learn more and more. No, this isn't a sponsored post. I just feel the need to share this can be very useful, specially for bloggers like me. :)

- Financial Trading
- Digital Marketing
- Photography
- Nutrition
- Graphic Design
- Web Development
- Social Media Marketing
- Photoshop
- Sports Nutrition
- Lightroom
- Blogging and Content Marketing
- Mobile app Development
- Wedding Photography
- Diet and Weight
- Child Nutrition
- Microsoft Excel
- Career Advancement
- Metal Trading
- Household Budgeting
- Health and Fitness
- Investment

These are the courses available in Shaw Academy, and if you want more, they are working on adding more courses this year. Their courses are a bit expensive but they offer 1 course for free to those just signed up. If you want to take more additional courses, you then can purchase any additional courses you like.

My simple tip when it comes to taking more courses is to find a discounted price. I'm glad last week, MetroDeal has offered Shaw academy courses for Php 99 only, I immediately ordered for 3 courses! lol! I'm so excited for this. And for those who are interested, here's why you should try Shaw Academy.

1. Live Webinar - their sessions are taken live. And during their webinars, they have a team that can answer your questions as you go along.

2. Accessible recordings 24/7 - if you can't attend their live webinars, just like me (since the webinar happens at 3AM Manila time), don't worry, you are not left out. The recorded webinar uploads no later than 24 hours so you can watch and learn at your own convenience.

3. Online Support - You will get a reminder a day before each session starts, you'll also get a call 30 mins before the session starts, you will never forget because there are too many reminders! lol! And if you have any more questions, all you have to do is send them an email. Shaw Academy is really cool for me!

4. Assignments & Exams - they also have weekly quiz and final exam to gauge your learning, you will be graded and once you pass, you can have your diploma that you can later use in your CV. Or you can also just learn for added knowledge, it's completely up to you! ;)

I hope you find this helpful! Cheers to learning! ♥

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write about this website. I just think this can be helpful to some who loves to continue learning ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sundayvotion: The greatest love

Happy Hearts Day!!! ♥♥♥

Everyone is excited to celebrate "araw ng mga puso" today. Every time I go outside I see lots of red roses, chocolates, stuffed toys and bouquets are displayed everywhere. It makes me sad, a bit, because Dane isn't here and this makes me miss him even more, but it's OK, love is all about sacrifices too. :)

So in celebration with the hearts day today, I would like to share this wonderful verse in the Bible that reminds us about the greatest love of all.

image source:
Today, may we all be reminded that love is unconditional, it's about sacrifice and selflessness. This unconditional love was shown by God through His son Jesus Christ, who endured the pain on the cross, despised all the shame,  and offered His life so that we can have hope in heaven.

Some may die for a good man but no one would dare to die for a sinner, no one but Jesus. May we all think about God's unconditional love while we celebrate heart's day today!

Have a blessed Sunday to all! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

RestoReview: Eat's a Date at Choobi-Choobi

Last week was another chance to experience a new restaurant in QC that's starting to create a name of its own: Choobi Choobi (lingaw-lingaw kaon). Lingaw-lingaw is a bisaya word for "chill" or "enjoy".

Choobi-Choobi sounds really cute! lol. But what's behind it is a restaurant based in Cebu that has been franchised here in Metro Manila and it starting to gain more and more customers because of their great food offers.  Choobi-Choobi in Panay Ave is the pioneer branch here in the Metro, it’s franchised, yes, and when they started, they had to take their staff to Cebu for extensive seminar so that they could really bring the Cebu taste here in Luzon.

1. The Place - Choobi-Choobie is located one of the streets in Panay Avenue. It’s not too far from Quezon Avenue so you can walk from there if you had to commute like me. If you are riding your own car, just ask everything to Google Maps or Siri and you’re good to go! Lol. The place is very accessible; you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

Their Place is so huge, it can accommodate about 150 - 180 customers, perfect for family and group gatherings. Not only that, they’re also renovating their upper store to accommodate even more customers.

2. The staff – by the time we got there, we were welcomed by the restaurant manager who was very kind to introduced the meals to us one by one. They have so many staff, they even have a security guard and they were all kind.

3. The food – I can’t wait to share with you what we tasted! It’s super sumptuous I want to go back there already! Lol!

shrimp in a bag - Php 395
Shrimp in a bag with salted egg is one of their best sellers. Shrimp is super tasty and because may hiwa sa likod ng shrimp, mas lalong nanunuot ang lasa sa shrimp nila. This shrimp is also not over cooked, it's not so orangey, which means that it's cooked just right. Here's what I learned, if your shrimp is formed in a  letter "C", it means it's just cooked the way it should be and you will get that tender meat. Unlike those that are really closed already, makunat na minsan, kumbaga.

Chilean Mussels in a bag - Php 325
Chilean Mussels in a bag - this tahong is cooked with creamy gata and has a spicy flavor those who are into spicy stuff would really love to eat. I still enjoyed it even though I had just a few taste, because, as I've mentioned before, I'm not into spicy food. :D But I couldn't resist not tasting this one, 'coz it's super delicious. The saltiness of the mussels and the sweetness of the corn and coconut together, is just perfect!

Stuffed grilled squid - Php 250
Stuffed grilled squid with Paella Negra. It's a grilled squid with rice stuffed inside it. I love the taste of the meat on this one plus, the paella inside it is perfect, it's just so delectable.

Stan's fried black pepper shrimp - Php 440
Stan's fried black pepper shrimp. This is shrimp deep fried, and because the manager said na nakakain lahat, I really tried eating everything! haha. It's crispy, and yes, you can really eat everything (although other bloggers prefer not to eat all of it). It comes with a special Stan's sauce made just for this recipe.

Choobi Pata - M 445/L 465
Choobi Pata - oh, if I were to choose from all these, I would, without any doubt, choose this one! Oh, it's super yummy, all of us loved this one! The skin is super thin, crispy and really palatable! It gave me a very exquisite flavor. Everything is tasty! Oh I miss this already!

Sabaw na halaan - Php 210
Sabaw na halaan - this is quite spicy so Nate didn't like it, but I did. I'm still breastfeeding Nate so, lahat ng food na may sabaw, ok sakin, lol, specially clamps! They are known to increase milk supply for moms.

Cha Tao Miao - Php 180
Cha Tao Miao - it's organic, it tastes really good. I even kept on asking for more of this. It reminds me of my very loved "alugbati" but it has a completely different taste as well.

2. Location & Contact Details

Choobi-Choobi is located at:
102 Panay Ave., South Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines
Mon-Sun 9 AM - 12 MN

You may also visit them on Facebook @ ChoobiChoobi
Or visit their website @

*This restaurant visit & review is made possible through OpenRice PH, your choice in finding Metro Manila Restaurants

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

5 "Unreasonable reasons" not to attend a school reunion

Last December, I was very happy to be able to not only attend but also help organize our HS reunion 10 years after graduation! I was honestly super thrilled and excited to see my HS friends and classmates. Sadly, there were just a few of us who made it, which made me hope that in the next coming reunions, more folks will be able to join.

One of the main reasons for others not to be able to attend is their busy schedules. Gosh, I wish we could go back to our HS lives where we have the same schedules and can just easily set a get together. Now that we're "older", there are so many things to consider already, which made me appreciate those who are able to organize and gather many attendees on a high school reunion even more.

Our reunion in December 2015, 10 years after graduation
Since I was part of the planning/organizing team, I've heard quite a few reasons to not attend the reunion. Some, for me are acceptable, some are funny and unreasonable, lol! Of course schedule will always be an excuse, especially that we had it on a busy December. But for all who are not into attending reunions, here are a few unacceptable reasons not to attend a reunion and I hope we can contemplate on it and maybe be able to attend any future reunions? :D

1. "I'm shy". I heard this reason not just once but a few times, and you can say I didn't understand how shy-people feel about being uneasy when surrounded by people in a gathering, but, "come on!" reunions happen very seldom, please get out of your comfort zone and mingle with your old friends/classmates! :D

2. "I didn't achieve anything in life". Before you say anything further, let me tell you, reunions are not about achievement. You don't go to reunions to talk about your hourly salary rate or how rich you are now and all that stuff. Although, that could be talked about as that chit-chatting goes, but no, that's not the main reason why you're there. You go to reunions to remember the past together, remember the funny moments with them together, talk about the crazy things you did together, and laugh at the silly moments you had with your favorite teacher. So if you have this mindset over reunions, please stop it and just go! lol! I didn't graduate tertiary up to now, but I'm so darn proud to be an undergrad! Just kidding, no I just don't care! That's not what I come for.

3. "They're rich, I'm still poor". When we see our old classmates on social media and we see that they're living up their dreams and they seem to have a good time always, we think that they're getting rich and we're still poor and could be another reason why we feel ashamed to join any alumni reunions. Well, that can be true, but we have to remember that each one has his/her own problems in life. We all go through a lot and contentment is still the key to this. Someone can be very rich but if he's/she's not contented and you are, you are a lot happier than him/her.

4. "I have a child I can't leave at home". When it's past 10 years since your HS graduation, I bet 60-75% are already married or have children. And some would think that those who have kids are not allowed to attend. Hey, that's not true! I took Nate with me, some of my classmates who were there also took their kids with them, which is actually nice because you get to see the little ones! Nate had the chance to play with my old friend's toddler, Tobi, during our reunion. And it adds more spice to the chit chat because when you last saw each other, there were no kids at all!

5. "I didn't graduate at that school". Dude, it doesn't matter! lol! You had a friend there, you created memories in that school, you stepped on that school throughout the academic years that you enrolled there. Really, nobody cares as long as you join! :)

If you are invited in a reunion and your schedule/distance allows you to, please do attend. And do not forget these: 1.) You are a part of the whole, 2.) Your presence is important, 3.) Your classmates wants to see you again, even for a short period of time and that 4.) this is nothing but bonding, creating memories and having a good time with your old school mates. So before you decline any future invitations to a school reunion, think twice :).

I had a great time during our reunion, it was simple, we were just few but we had a blast and it was hilarious! I would love to do it again with more classmates/schoolmates who didn't make it.

*I'm speaking as a graduate of a provincial, government school based in a rural area. With that being said, this may not be true to all people, some of these are based on my own experience, some are from the people I get to talk to.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Product Review: Olivares Organic & Natural Products

Last year in November, I was given some products to try our from Olivares Organic & Natural Products Corporation. These products are given to us with no extra cost and this review is of my/our own and in no way affected by the collaboration with OONPC. 

OONPC is engaged in the cultivation, production, distribution of natural and organic products such as Guyabano Leaf Tea and other dietary food supplements. The company has set up an organic farm in San Ildefonso, Bulacan to cultivate organic vegetables and fruits produce. As of today, the farm has cultivated almost twenty (20) hectares of Guyabano, Moringa and Oyster Mushroom. 

The belief in the prospective future and critical importance of organic farming to human is the power engine for the growth of OONPC. The pursuit of health, of moderate and sustainable development of agriculture forms the solid foundation for OONPC to dedicate to natural and organic farming.

Health, Ecology, Fairness and Care, the four principles of OONPC, are also the guidance integrated in its daily toil. Through its natural and organic farming OONPC hopes that more people will have the opportunity to enjoy healthy food and are willing to take the responsibility to preserve our motherland.

Here's a short review of the products I was/we were able to try.

Aya Guyabano and Malunggay tea. I have previously mentioned I'm not so much into teas but I was able to try these out, they don't smell bad nor taste bad at all, guess who loved them the most - my mother! I brought these with me when we were in Tagum and my mother loves the teas. She said it was almost like the ones she used to drink before. 

Seaweed Detox, Kam Obena and Castile Liquid Soap. I have to say that these products are nice but I didn't like how they smell. Also, they make my skin dry after use, I'd always need a moisturizer after. What's great about these is that they're all natural - so you can be rest assured that they don't have any chemicals on them that can harm your skin. I didn't really notice any difference in my skin after trying them out, but the fact that they're all-natural makes them worth trying. 

Caress by Nature Power Herb Skin Recovery Lotion - First of all, this lotion doesn't smell really good for me but I kept using this one when I was in Tagum. It helps moisturize my skin but my sister did notice the smell and it did not smell good for her. Also, this lotion is too watery, which makes it "tipid" when you use it, because a few drops can already moisturize a larger area in your skin. Except for the smell, I like this lotion. 
Porcelana Whitening Face & Neck Creme with Natural Plant Oil & SPF. I have only tried this product a few times because of the same reason as the others, I didn't really like how it smelled. Although, in all fairness, it is a good product, I like it on my face, I like that it stays long on my face and that it's got a natural color that fits my complexion. One concern with Porcelana though is that distributing the cream on your skin can be a bit 'challenging' if that's the word. lol. It's because it does not evenly distribute it right away. You'll have to rub the cream more than the usual cream so it evenly distributes on your face.

Thanks once again to Olivares Organic & Natural Products for the opportunity to try their products out. Would I recommend these? For those who are into all-natural products, I highly recommend these for you to try out! Those who are used to commercialized products may not really like them at first try but I'd say give the products a try because they work well, they just don't smell good for me. :)

Are you into organic products? Have you tried the Olivares Natural Products yet? I'd like to know your experience with the products!

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. My opinions on the products I review are 100% my own. I am not held responsible if you decide to purchase the product and is dissatisfied with it. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sundayvotion: Godliness with contentment

"But godliness with contentment is great gain."
1 Timothy 6:6

When we were young, we didn't have all the luxury of things (even up to this day). And I have to admit that there were a lot of times that I wished I was a rich man's daughter. I wished I could afford the nice toys that other kids are playing, I wished I could go to places I see in televisions, I wished I could live a luxurious life.

As I look back to our humble beginnings, I couldn't help but smile when I realize how envious I was with other children. Thankfully, my mother was there to remind us to be thankful with what we have and be contented with what's served on the table. I will never exchange the moment I had with my family when we were little kids.

Someone can be very rich and famous who can have what he wants in just one snap but without contentment, one will never be happy because he cannot appreciate what he already has.

Contentment, as we know is one of the things that our parents want to teach us growing up. A person who is contented with what he possesses is better than someone who is wealthy but is not contented Not only that, the bible says in 1 Timothy 6:6, that "godliness" plus "contentment" is such a great gain. The bible teaches us to find happiness in every little thing and thank God for all the things that we possess and there, we can find happiness.

Here are two sayings I found online that speaks a lot about being contented with what we have: 

You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough. 
(William Blake)

To be content does not mean that you don't desire more, it means you're thankful for what you have and patient for what's to come. 
(Tony Gaskins)

Friday, February 5, 2016

RestoReview: Yellow Tree Café

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit one of the nice cafés in Panay Ave in Quezon City, together with the entire OpenRice team and food bloggers. It was perfect because before that, we were also able to visit Choobi Choobi, which served heavy and mouth watering foods. Yellow tree was our next stop which is a great place to chill after a heavy meal.

We were welcomed by 2 of the owners of the café and next thing that happened was a good chill at the place. Yellow Tree Café first opened in Dagupan 4 years ago and their branch in Panay was their 3rd branch. They offer coffee and other complimentary drinks as well as gelato ice creams, cakes and breads.

If you're wondering why "Yellow Tree", well, yellow and tree will always symbolize prosperity. We see so many yellow fruits which means they're ready for harvest and trees also symbolize growth. It's a great name actually; I didn't appreciate until I knew what it meant.

1. Store capacity – the store can accommodate roughly 20-25 persons altogether. It’s a small store with nice and simple interiors, upon coming, you will be welcomed by the store counter where you can make orders.
Melisa and ZD busy taking photos of their nicely decorated walls

Them enjoying their orders
2. Food offers – Yellow tree café has many choices of drinks, which is a really great thing. They don’t settle with “just” coffee. If you’re not into coffee like me, rest assured that you’ll have other options. I had a chocolate frappe instead. They also have fruit flavored frappes, so many options to choose from!
The best sellers
moist cake & carrot cake - 150 php/slice
cute & yummy carrot cake at 150 php/slice
I wouldn't drink this, it's super cute! lol!
Nate is calling the whip cream "Ice cream", we settled for a chocolate based drink
mango cake - 150 php/slice
Nate loving their displays :)
They’ve added gelato to their offers because one of the owners was also having his own gelato business, so they’ve incorporated it on their menu. When it comes to cakes, they also have their own suppliers. Really, you can choose from coffee, choco drinks (hot or cold), pastries, tea, or milk tea.

3. The staff – let me just say something; their staff are very accommodative and friendly! I haven’t seen anyone who was frowning when we were there. And for customers like me and Melisa, who have little toddlers, we can be a real pain when it comes to restaurant staff! You know why? Because we make mess here, mess there, mess everywhere! Lol! Our entire table at this time was filled with mess; I had to apologize to one of them before we left. But I didn’t feel judged at all, so thank you! It means so much to us.

Staff accommodating other bloggers' orders
4. Accessibility – Yellow tree café is located one of the streets in Panay Avenue. It’s not too far from Quezon Avenue so you can walk from there if you had to commute like me. If you are riding your own car, just ask everything to Google Maps or Waze and you’re good to go! Lol. The place is very accessible, you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

If you’re near the place, you give it a try! This might become your next favorite stop! :)

Yellow Tree Café is located at:
102 Panay Ave., South Triangle
Quezon City, Philippines
Mon-Sun 9 AM - 12 MN

You may also visit them on Facebook @ Yellow Tree Café, QC
Or on Instagram @YellowTreeQC

photo opps with the cafe owners

*This restaurant visit & review is made possible through OpenRice PH, your choice in finding Metro Manila Restaurants
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