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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Open Rice Philippines: Your Restaurant Guide

As some of you may have noticed, I have been posting regular restaurant reviews since the last quarter of last year 'til February of this year, I guess. The reason for that is because I was part of the Eat's a date with Open Rice Philippines wherein we'd get invited to try out a restaurant and provide an honest review right after by posting it on their website.

It was great and I personally met a lot of new friends (bloggers and the Open Rice team) since then. However, unfortunately, late February, we learned that Open Rice Philippines has now closed and the website is now operated by Open Rice Hong Kong (the Open Rice main office). It was sad because we've already started to establish a good friendship with Open Rice Philippines as well as other bloggers but we can't do anything about it.

What's funny back then is that the Open Rice team already knew even Nate and ZD and they'd also look for them. lol. They've became little foodies. haha. Now, they're all memories but I'm glad we've became part of it, even just for a little while. :)

Here's a memory of all the eats-a-date I was able to join. Nakakamiss lang. :)

Open Rice is an online restaurant guide. There, you will see many reviews from different customers and by just looking at the restaurant info, you will know the ratings of the restaurant. I think it's more like Zomato, I haven't really browsed Zomato's website yet.

Now that Open Rice Philippines has already closed, here's a few things that I noticed on the website.

1. No more Eat's a Date - of course, since the Open Rice Philippines is no longer operating, Eat's a Date has been completely removed. No more restaurant tastings, etc. The site is still the same minus the events.

2. Approving posts - my last restaurant review was the one I made for Stacy's in Fort Bonifacio (no, not from Eat's a Date anymore, lol). And since I got used to uploading the same review to Open Rice, I wanted to continue doing it. Only takes a few clicks to move a post to the Open Rice website, which is one of the things that I like too. And it's nice to still continue posting there.

What I noticed is that the time it took to approve my review was a lot longer compared to when there was still Open Rice PH. I guess Open Rice HK is busy, hehe. It took almost a week to get my review approved, the longest with Open Rice PH was about 3 days only, I believe.

Nevertheless, it's still the same website, nothing's changed aside from those 2. Those are the only ones I noticed. You can still visit the website for restaurant guides. :) And by the way, because of the frequency of my posts there, I got ranked to Top 2. Cool! haha.

That's me at Number 2! woot wooot! hehe. 
 I am grateful for the opportunity I had with Open Rice and I will treasure the memories in my heart. The Eat's a Date events have become Nate and I's bonding time back then. :))

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  1. That is indeed an honor to be given the opportunity to do that as a blogger... you have been recognized as a true food blogger! I am sure it is a very fruitful experience.

    1. It is! Sadly it had to end. But it was a memory worth keeping. :)


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