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Friday, May 27, 2016

How to Reschedule for a Sooner Date with DFA (Online application)

**WARNING: This advise takes a LOT of PATIENCE. And when I say a LOT, I mean TONS and TONS of it. lol! So only follow this if you are so desperate in getting a sooner appointment date.**

My brother-in-law recently passed the interview for an overseas job in KSA, he was referred by Dane, which means, God-willing, he will be with Dane soon in Saudi - which is a good thing, right? I'm happy at least Dane will have a family there while working away from us.

We have one problem though, he doesn't have a passport yet, that's number one. And number two, his appointment will not be until July 26th! Waaa! That's too far! Baka mapalitan sya ng ibang may passport na. So we were in complete dilemma, we din't know what to do. Sayang naman din, anjan na opportunity e. So I somehow blamed myself for not helping him get a passport before.

Of course, we know the system here in the Philippine Government is OUTSTANDING! *rolls eyes* You'll be surprised when you are able to process everything fast, because most transactions are done in a verrry slow pace! lol!

So, we didn't know what to. It's frustrating to wait, July 26th is 2 months from now pa! Then I read something online that helped so get a very fair chance to reschedule for a sooner date. Let me say this again: this step took us THREE days to get a sooner date, but that's better than sit and wait.

The DFA appointment online is a "first-come-first-serve" basis which means that if someone cancels, then, the first to get the cancelled date will get the schedule. This is how I did it.

1. Go to to set an appointment and fill out all the information needed. Choose the DFA Aseana branch, even if it's far from your place as that's the main branch and can accommodate more applicants, which means the chances of other applicants cancelling is also higher compared to other branches.

2. When you're at the page where you choose a date, and the dates are too far away, download Easy Auto Refresh, an extension for Google Chrome and set to refresh the page every 3 or 5 seconds max.

3. Wait for a sooner date and if you find one, quickly select the date, like, as fast as you can, because that date can be unavailable in a blink of an eye!

Finally, an appointment that's more than a month ahead of his original July 26th date!
July 11th, July 22nd, July 12th, those a a few of the many dates we've rescheduled. We missed so many sooner dates but thankfully, just today, he got a sooner appointment for June 13th! Wooooh! Take note, that's after 3 days of staring at the website for hours!!!

So, unless you are in urgent need of a sooner date, don't try this one. lol!

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  1. Thanks for the tip. We'll schedule a date next month...

  2. Hi sis for a faster application you can drop by in DFA main and go straight in direcors office and bring the important docs Or this one is tested go to Lucena, but you have to be there early as in madaling araw so they can accommodate you and the release of passport is after two weeks

    1. I wish malapit ang Lucena sa'min sis. huhu. too far from here. Thankfully, next week na appointment nya.

  3. Hahaha.. Oo nga kelangan ng tyaga! Pero OA pala sa tagal. I remember when I renewed my passport, saglit lang. Hay naku talaga ang gobyerno.

    1. yeah, sobrang tagal sis, maiintindihan ko pa kung 1 month after e. pero 3 months? that's a joke! a sad joke.

  4. Nagparenew kami with Cloud, I booked our appointment last April pa and June na yung available schedule. Pwede na din at least I have enough time to update my documents hehe.

    1. I also scheduled for 2 months from now gaw. hehe. ok lang satin na di nagmamadali, ung mga kailangan ng appointment asap, puputi ang buhok! lol.


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