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Monday, May 30, 2016

Sample Room Products have arrived! :)

I am a sample room customer for quite a long time now. What I like about Sample Room is that you get to try the products by using your points and just paying shipping and handling fee.

Currently, I only have 120 points in Sample Room so I am tied to finding products that is worth or equal to 120 points. I have been planning to become a VIP member but I still have yet to purchase the VIP membership with them! lol!

I got 3 products in the mail on Friday, of which I ordered Monday last week and I'm trying them out now.

Kudos to sample room, their packaging is a lot better the the previous orders that I had
What's on the package:

Here's what I ordered to try, total retail price is at PHP 291.75 less PHP 140 s&h fee (provincial rate since I'm in San Mateo), so it's like getting all these for PHP 151.75 off:

1. Belo Baby Cologne (Cool Drizzle)
Sample Size:  1 pc. 100ml (full-sized)
Retail Price: PHP 79.75

2. Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream
Sample Size:  1 pc. 50g
Retail Price: PHP 260 (100g)

3. Rexona Invisible Dry for Women (Roll-On)
Sample Size:  1 pc. 50ml (full-sized)
Retail Price: PHP 82

Excited to try them out! For those who know, here's how Sample Room works, as explained on their website:

1. Register
Register and be a Sample Room member! Being a member makes you qualified to get free samples from our website.

2. Get free points upon registration
Upon registration, you get 100 points to start your Sample Room adventure! These points can get you samples based on the sample roster that we have.

3. Choose your sample
Each corresponding sample has a given number of points for it to be availed. Use your points to get the available samples.

4. Check out
Go check out and pay for the shipping and handling fee.

5. Receive your samples
Samples arrive on your doorstep! Yay! Time to road-test your samples!

6. Post a review at
Please rate and review on each of the products you have chosen to try.

7. Get points by reviewing, get a new sample to try
You earn more points as you rate and review a product. The points you earned will give you the opportunity to get more samples! The more samples you review, the more points you get, and that means more samples to try

8. Buying of points
Should your points are not enough to get the samples that you want, Sample Room gives you an option to buy points and avail these samples!

Ladies, come check this out! You might like Sample Room like me! :)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. :)

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  1. I had a sample room account but I have never used it because of the shipping fee. I hope I can get a good deal, too.

    1. Yes, there's always a shipping fee. Mas mahal pa pag sa province. :)

  2. I will check my sample room account nga. I agree, mas okay packaging now :)

    1. Yes sis, napaka kikay! Bet na bet ko! :D

  3. It sure sounds like an awesome membership. Who wouldn't love to try new products or get samples of the products that they've been using, right?

  4. I only tried once the sample room, I don't have points na :-) try the cologne one of the best for the kids

    1. You just have to review the product sis to get your points back. :D

  5. I also tried sampleroom kaso tinamad na ko magcheck kasi lagi namang out of stock yung iba. :(

    1. haha. oo, madami out of stock gaw. :D


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