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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Simple Toddler Activity :)

Toddler activities don't have to be expensive. We can do it in a very simple way, using ordinary things we mostly have in stock at home already. This is what's great about our kids, they don't need costly things in order to have fun. :)

Sharing one of the simple activities that Nate and I did the past few days. This simple activity kept Nate busy for about 40  mins. Here's what we need (most of these are already in stock):

1. Writing & Coloring Activity 
This will continue to help your child learn about the different colors and get used to holding pencils/crayons and writing/drawing. I wrote numbers and had Nate color them so he can help and get busy. Children love to do what we do, they want to do adult stuff. They don't want to just sit and watch, they want to get involved.

So while I was finishing the numbers for our games later on, I had him help me color and write. While working with your child, you can always ask questions, no matter how busy they are, they will answer. lol.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday Wreview: Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion

I've been wanting to try the Belo Baby products since the day they were launched. Who would've thought that the famous Belo will have a baby line, right? If not because of Belo Baby, I wouldn't have known about Scarlet Snow (who's an absolutely gorgeous little lady).

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Keeping Healthy and Happy Kids

It’s every mother’s dream to see their children succeed in life. Although they’re still in an age when dolls and action figures seem exciting, all mothers really want is to keep their kids healthy and see them growing up happy and strong.

But how will they keep their children in shape to enjoy childhood to the fullest? Here are three helpful tips for mommies who want their kids to remain bright-eyed and upbeat.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Fun :)

If you ask me what I'd love to do over the weekend, I will tell you, it is to be able to spend more time with my son. :) Any activity as long as we can spend time together and have fun. But it's a bonus if we can go out and play in the mall or park. lol!

Our weekend turned out well, it wasn't extraordinary but it's safe to say we had fun, and that's what really matters. :) hehe.

1. Playhouse
I had to go to SM San Mateo to by a gift to our neighbor who's celebrating his 7th birthday, Nate calls him Kuya Philip. So while there, we went to Nate's favorite: he already knows where it is - his the basketball stall in Quantum. No photo since I had to hold him carefully, lol.

Good job with the "cooking" Nate! :)

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sundayvotion: 5 Verses about Hardwork

The bible is a book where we get so many quotations and wisdom. It is filled with advice that can help us with our everyday lives. And The bible is not quiet when it comes to working hard. It has so many wonderful lessons that we can get that talks about working hard.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dane's Riyadh, KSA Adventures! :)

All this time, I thought Saudi Arabia was nothing but sand! I was so wrong! lol! During the past few weeks, Dane and his work mates' work schedules have been changed because of the Ramadan. Along with that is an opportunity to be able to visit the wonderful places in KSA.

I was not there to personally experience the thrill and excitement but I'm happy that Dane got to enjoy his time with his workmates. He was so happy to tell me about the wonderful places they've been to. I wasn't envious but I sure hoped I was there to admire the place with him! Here's 2 of the wonderful places they've been:

1. Red Sand
Red sand is around 80 KM from Riyadh. When there, you can hire a bike to roam the sand dunes and can take some pictures. Riding the ATV & discovering the desert wonders is such an amazing experience for around 30 SAR/hr (that's about PHP 370.49).

This is definitely a wonderful destination for OFWs. I remember Dane told me, "akala ko di ako mag eenjoy dun love, ang saya pala!". He even enjoyed his "semplang moments" with the bike! haha. He also said that the sand was super fine, I told him to take home a bottle of it! haha. Oh, I love that he's able to enjoy this place, check their photos :)

You don't know how I miss to see your smile and feel your dimples, dude! haha.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday WReview: Babyflo Baby Shampoo

Since I want to do all my groceries at once, it's more convenient for me to buy Nate's stuff along with all the groceries. I do my groceries every other week, after payout, of course, haha. And even though I like the Personal Collection Shampoo and Bath Soap for Nate, I can't find them in groceries and I can't seem to find any seller nearby, so I had to look for another brand that I is available in the supermarket. Not that I'm giving up quality over convenience, it's more of looking for another product which has the same quality, but with a cheaper price and is more accessible. Hence, the Babyflo Baby Shampoo.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happiness in Every Bounce with Bubi Trampolines! :)

I grew up in a small town, we live away from the city, and we didn't grow up in luxury. It's funny, we've never tried nor got used to any theme parks or play houses before. It's amazing how nowadays, more and more parks, play houses and children's activity centers are available for our kids to enjoy just like the Bubi Trampolines! 

Bubi Trampolines was established in the Philippines in 2011. It began to operate under SMAI (Sia & Mak Amsement Inc.) in December of 2013. SMAI has more than 12 years of experience in the quality production and distribution of trampolines all over Europe. What makes the difference with SMAI is the excellent aftersales follow-up, high quality products and availability of stocks.

SMAI constantly checks and improves the production to keep the customers extremely satisfied and happy with our trampolines.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Going Straight Salon & Nouvelle®: The Mane Event

Last week, I was one of the bloggers who got invited to The Mane Event of going straight salon, in partnership with Nouvelle®, held in Going Straight SM North branch. It was one of the longest days I wasn't with Nate. And thankfully, he was behaving nicely while I had my pamper time! :)

Even though I arrived late, I was greeted with the friendly and welcoming team of Going Straight Salon. Good thing we were still waiting for 2 more bloggers when I arrived, lol! But seriously, I was late because of traffic and it so happened that Nate woke up before I left, so I had to make an "escape". haha.

The Mane Event started with us being introduced to Going Straight and Nouvelle®. Nouvelle® has recently launched 2 of their products for coloring and hair breakage repair:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sundayvotion: 10 Biblical Verses about Fathers

Happy Father's day to all fathers out there! Today's an opportunity to remind them of how much we love them and how much they mean to us. What would our lives be without fathers around us? They are our epitomy strength, discipline  and hard work.

As we celebrate Father's day today, here are 10 biblical verses about fathers that also defines fathers and what their roles are, in the biblical perspective. :)

Friday, June 17, 2016

How I Fought Against my Week-Long Illness

I was sick the entire week last week, so I had to drag myself to work daily. You know how difficult it is to be sick – the fact that your child might catch also catch your sickness adds to the stress. Ugh!

I seldom get sick, by God’s grace (thank you, Lord!). And when I do, it doesn’t take too long. This is one of the longest I had; actually, the longest I could remember was when I was in Grade 6 when my brother and I had to be admitted to the hospital due to dengue fever.

This started last Sunday and I completely ignored it ‘coz I thought it would just be gone, or just a little itch on my throat. Came Sunday evening and it was gradually getting worse so I gargled with Bactidol. Monday shift came and I knew I was having sore throat, on top of that, I was having migraine! What a great way to start the week! Lol.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

PR: Singapore Zoo's New Tortoise Shell-ter


New exhibit a naturalistic sanctuary for the tortoises to display natural behaviour and breed;
Zoo celebrates World Turtle Day with special Keeper Talks for guests

Singapore, June 2016 – Boosting Singapore Zoo’s efforts to save the world’s most threatened vertebrates from extinction is its newest exhibit—Tortoise Shell-ter. Guests at the park can now look forward to learning more about some of the world’s rarest tortoises and ongoing efforts to increase their dwindling numbers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday Wreview: Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula

Last month, I got my samples from Sample Room and one of the products that I availed using my points was the Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula. I decided to try this out because I heard lots of good reviews about Zenutrients online, so it's time to give it a try! :)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream
SAMPLE SIZE:  1 pc. 50g
Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream is a moisturizing cream that is great for sensitive skin, those with psoriasis eczema.

Massage all over skin, both face & body, after shower or bath. Gives dry spots the hydration it needs. Dab onto skin after washing, and massage in a circular motion. Made with coconut, aloe and calendula extract.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Enchanted Kingdom Experience

I’ve previously mentioned our great experience as one of the online media during the Goldilock’s 50th anniversary.   The program was fun-filled and we’re so grateful to be able to experience it with our family. It was done during a hot afternoon, we were sweating but we really had fun!

Wait, I should add that it's Nate, me and my sister's first time here! :)

Goldilocks was in Enchanted Kingdom! :)
May I just say that it's very nice of Goldilocks to do this, not only for their employees but also to online media and the school they sponsored to join. I can only imagine how much everything it cost them to put this 2-day activity up, but they didn't bother - I think it's their way of giving thanks to their loyal employees. No wonder why they have employees who stayed with them for 30 years or more, amazing!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sundayvotion: A Suitable Helper for your Man

Today, Dane and I are celebrating our 3rd and a half year of marriage. *throws a fist up* Our lives, since the day we married has been nothing but blessed. And we owe everything to God for all his provisions. No, we're not rich, there were times that we would not have enough when it comes to finances but God has never left our side.

Our marriage was greatly tested during the first few months that we had Nate - we were overwhelmed, as first time parents, so overwhelmed with the responsibilities with our new addition to the family. There were times when our body's so tired, we just wanted nothing but to rest but since we had someone we needed to take care of, we had to choose who'd rest first and sometimes, I can be so selfish not to give him that time.

There were moments when we argue over petty little things and I won't talk to him. I remember, I would see his flaws and make a big deal over it. But by God's grace, we've overcome that stage - and that made us stronger and made us more bonded as a family now, even if we're away.

Few days ago, I was reminded by my role as a wife to my husband when I saw this post on Facebook:

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday Wreview: Buffalo's Wings 'N Things (SM San Mateo)

Last Saturday, we had to drop by SM San Mateo first before going to the church for an officer’s planning because I had some important errands to run. While there, my sister and I decided to dine at Buffalo Wings.

This was our first dine here and to be honest, I don’t know if I ever want to come back, lol. In fairness to their staff, they were kind and accommodating, I guess, it’s just the food that we don’t like the most.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Goldilocks 50th Birthday Caravan at Enchanted Kingdom

Last Thursday, June 2nd, we had the privilege to be able to attend the 50th anniversary of Goldilocks and it was a fun-filled and memorable one! I'm literally smiling right now while writing this!

This year, Goldilocks celebrates 50 Golden Years of being the country’s number one bakeshop, having opened its doors to the public last May 15, 1966. Since then, Goldilocks has become a Filipino icon and a cherished family tradition for generations of customers.

As part of its ongoing festivities, Goldilocks has lined up delightful activities through its Birthday Caravan, including a two-day visit to Enchanted Kingdom. Employees, friends, loyal customers, and members of traditional and online media were treated to a carefree and fun-filled experience at the amusement park, in keeping with the celebratory atmosphere of the 50th year anniversary. We're blessed to be invited as part of the media during this awesome celebration!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sundayvotion: Biblical Advice When it comes to Correcting a Fault

We all have a leader that we follow or look up to everyday. We see them everywhere – our parents at home, the elderly in the neighborhood, the boss or the team leader that we follow at work, or the mentor that helps us with our learning.

We can all agree that there are a good and a bad kind of leader. Some we love so much, we’re willing to fight for them, no matter what. Some, we hate so much, we don’t even want to see them at all! If we go back to the bible, we can see many different kinds of leader from the old times. They all have different attitudes and characteristics as well.

Moreover, the bible is not quiet when it comes to traits of a good leader, specially when it comes to correcting someone who is clearly at fault. I’m saying this not because I’m a good leader – I’m saying this as a follower who has done mistakes in the past, and these traits are the characteristics that I’m looking at the leaders whom I respect and love.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

WAHMa-Rama: My Daily Thoughts (Week 8)

Ola Amiga!!  

May 30 (Monday's back!)
Wow! Where did time go! Just a few days back, I was so happy I'm on off again. Now, guess what, Monday's back! haha! Nice one! But, I have so many things to say, yesterday, we had a BLLLLAAAST during our family day in Iba, Zambales. That was Nate and I's first (and last) summer getaway! I had so many sunburn but we went home with a smile on our faces! :) I'll talk more about our experience soon! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Audio Interfaces and Connectors

Nowadays, since we're in this digital age where technology is becoming more and more advanced each day, audio and video connectors are not unknown to us already. We have these at home, at work, in school, even in cars and in our pockets.

Every time I go outside, there's like 2 out of 10 people who have headsets with them, listening to their playlists using their phones. That's a very common sight already, specially with everyday commuters who are sometimes stuck in traffic. These audio connectors can be a need for them sometimes. :)

3.5 mm audio jack is the most common one that we see everyday because this is the one that usually fits our phone's audio device. However, this audio jack isn't just limited to our phones' devices. In fact, we can also convert 3 5mm to dual rca, I've seen Dane do this so many times on his guitar amplifier when he wants to use it as speaker for songs.

I don't know much about the technical side of connectors but all I know is that they've become more and more important each day. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday Wreview: Belo Baby Cologne Cool Drizzle

For weeks now, I've seen lots of blog posts about the new product line of Belo: the Belo Baby. I've also seen the advertisement of the cutie and adorable Scarlet Snow and I think she's really lovely! I didn't know Dr. Hayden and Dr. Belo had a baby already until recently.

I've been wanting to avail of the Belo Baby products so Nate can try them out which was why I joined a giveaway, hoping Nate could also try the products for free. The giveaway announcement doesn't happen until next week but luckily, Sample Room has the Belo Baby products already and I was able to avail of the Belo Baby Cologne using my Sample Room points.

Cool Drizzle is one of Belo Baby's fragrances

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