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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wednesday Wreview: Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula

Last month, I got my samples from Sample Room and one of the products that I availed using my points was the Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula. I decided to try this out because I heard lots of good reviews about Zenutrients online, so it's time to give it a try! :)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream
SAMPLE SIZE:  1 pc. 50g
Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula Head to Toe Cream is a moisturizing cream that is great for sensitive skin, those with psoriasis eczema.

Massage all over skin, both face & body, after shower or bath. Gives dry spots the hydration it needs. Dab onto skin after washing, and massage in a circular motion. Made with coconut, aloe and calendula extract.


1. The Packaging - This product is neat and nicely packed. I like everything with white so the simple but clean packaging is a plus for me. :)

2. The Scent - oh, the scent is nothing but loooove!!! Sobrang bango, I want this scent in our room! haha. It's so mild and has a great smelling fragrance, I want that smell as a perfume! lol.

3. The Cream - I like that the cream is just right - not too sticky and not too watery. You can spread it on your skin with just a little cream. Compared to those thick creams where you'll have to use a lot of cream to be able to spread it on your body.

4. The Efficacy - This product came just in time for me! Although I don't have a dry skin (or at least that's what I noticed), we were on a last minute swimming on the beach during the last week of May and I was so overjoyed swimming with my son that I didn't realize I started having sunburn!

I only noticed the difference the moment I changed my clothes, lol! My skin was dry and reddish after I took a shower. Thanks to this product, it helped moisturize my skin after I destroyed it in the beach! lol.

I also noticed that my skin is softer and smoother. And because this is a "head-to-toe" product, it's perfect when going out of town. You don't need to take so many things with you. That's a great convenience for moms like me. :)

I don't really have a sensitive skin but I like this product and I'd like to keep using it. :)

Have you tried this out yet? What do you think about this product?

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I got the product for free via Sample Room using my points and just paid the shipping and handling.  My opinions on the products I review are 100% my own. I am not held responsible if you decide to purchase the product and is dissatisfied with it. :)
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  1. Medyo pricey for P260, 100 grams lang so madaling maubos. I agree, the packing is simple and clean look.

    1. Yes, mejo pricey nga sya. hehe. :)

  2. Oo nga ganda ng packaging, simple and clean. I have sensitive dry skin and I always have a moisturising cream along with me. Will check this one out sa sample room. Thanks for the review gaw!

    Mhaan <3 | Mommy Rockin' In Style Blog

    1. You're welcome gaw! :* Try mo, baka magustuhan mo. :)

  3. It's nice to have a moisturizer especially during the summer! The sun can be extra harmful to our skin and products like this can definitely help. Good to know that it works its magic!

  4. I will definitely recommend this to my mom. She suffers from psoriasis and hasn't found the "right" treatment for her.

  5. Heard a lot about Sample Room and I have yet to try it. Love how you described Zenutrients Aloe & Calendula and love it more to try on my skin.

    1. Try it sis, baka ma hook ka sa SR, like me. Every once in a while, I check their site for new samples. hehe.

  6. Aloe vera is a wonder plant, it does wonder to your hair and skin. I see Zenutrients often but never got to buy and try. Will check it out.


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