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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Diverse iOS Monitoring App that Requires No Installation

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As a parent, have you ever wanted to try one of those fancy parental controls but something always got in the way?
Maybe it was the fear of having to deal with tantrums when you install the app on your child’s phone. Let’s be honest here, kids are not going to be happy with the fact that you want to track their every move.

Or maybe it was the fact that most apps of this kind require jailbroken devices. This part could be hard, considering the fact that this is your child’s device you are talking about. You’ve paid for it and you don’t want to give up on the warranty. Moreover, you’re not even sure how to perform a jailbreak and doing so requires you to have your kid’s iPhone in your hand for any length of the time.
What if we told you we’ve got a great solution for all these problems? What if we told you that there’s an iOS monitoring app that absolutely requires no installation at all and that you can still be the monitoring parent?

What’s the Secret?

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The secret of doing so is with the XNSpy NoJailbreak app. This is an iPhone monitoring app that is made for parents so that they may have more visibility with what their children are doing on their phones. parents can track their children’s phone calls and even record them. They can see who their kids are texting, look through their instant messaging centers (WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Skype, Viber). They can check out what other apps they have installed on their phones. They can even look at what they are doing on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tinder). And all of this is possible without installation!
Basically, what you do is sync the XNSPY app with your child’s iCloud. As long as they have the iCloud backup activated on their phone and it is tracking and backing up all the data, you’ll be golden. If they don’t you’ll have to bite the bullet and turn it on for them. But that doesn’t take much. You’ve just got to go to settings, enter the iCloud credentials and sync up the data.
Then, you’ve got to activate your XNSPY account. You punch in your unique username and password to enter. Then you punch in your child’s iCloud credentials once more. And that is it. No installation necessary and you’ll be all ready to start monitoring your child with all the fabulous features that XNSPY has to offer.
Be it tracking your child’s actual location, or checking in on their WhatsApp. Be it viewing their browser activity, or reading their text messages. Everything will be there in front of your eyes so that you can see if your child is on the right path. Parents often use this information to detect any wrongdoing on their child’s part. At the same time, you can make sure that they are safe from digital harm such as solicitation from an unwanted predator, or cyberbullying on social media. Parents also use this information as an opportunity to have a heart to heart with their kids. When they spot something they feel needs addressing, they sit their children down and tell them why something they noticed about their online behavior was wrong. It is a learning opportunity for both the parents and children and often brings them closer together.

Price and Packaging

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Now that you know how XNspy iOS monitoring app works, let’s talk about how you can get it. You’ve got to log onto the XNSPY official website and go to their Buy Now page. There, you’ll be able to see the different prices and packaging. XNSPY starts from as low as $8.33. You can choose between subscriptions per month, quarter or year. The higher the subscription, the higher the discount. Some parents only get a month’s subscriptions because they only want to fix an immediate problem they are facing with their children. Others get annual subscriptions because monitoring for them is a constant duty. So I suppose it all depends on what you’re looking for. The pricing and subscription is pretty flexible in that way!
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  1. wow, this is a cool app.. but for me, I would not like any one to be invading my privacy.. nor I would invade others.. even my children.. I think tracking their place would be fine.. but seeing who their texting and other private conversation would not be fine.. that is for my opinion.. at least for an early age that can be acceptable, but when they reach adolescence.. I think I better give them privacy and their own will to chose the friends they like. but a parental advice is always needed. Freelancer Philippines


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