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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

3 Reasons Why Moms Shop Online + a New Twist to Online Shopping

Nowadays, more and more moms choose to shop online more often than go to a physical store. I myself can’t blame them for doing that. Moms have many reasons why they choose to shop online. And although we still buy our groceries at the store, there are many other stuff that we’d rather just buy online.
Here are the 3 most common reasons that I can think of why more moms choose to shop online.

1. Going out takes too much time
When you go out to buy at a physical store, you’ll have to allot more time to do it. Get dressed: 15 minutes, put on makeup (10 mins. to 30 mins.), have someone to watch over the kids while you leave or if you’re taking the kids with you, get the kids ready (1 hour), commute to the store (30 mins to 1 hour, depending on the traffic and store distance). How many hours does that take?

On the other hand, when you shop online, sit and browse: 30 mins, place your order: 15 mins. That’s no less than an hour and you get what you need! Moms like me can all agree that one of the main reasons for online shopping is to save time.

As a WAHM, I really just go out when I need to because for me, going out takes too much time (and money). Except for events that I need to attend, we only go out during weekends and paydays for grocery. Other than that, I don’t really like going out for the reason above, plus, the traffic and pollution. I know, I’m a cave person, lol! I’ve always been, I guess.

2. Online Shops have lots of good deals
I don’t know the reason why most online stores have cheaper prices than the physical stores but I think it’s because online stores don’t pay rent for their stores. And even though they have a domain that they pay in order to keep and they also need people to maintain the website and do customer service, that is still a lot cheaper compared to the costs when you have a store. Here in the PH, we have 3 most commonly known websites that we know offer good deals, specially when it comes to doing all our motherhood and household related purchases:

source: Tumblr
A. Goods PH
Goods PH sells almost anything from electronics, appliances, fashion and even groceries. On top of that, they offer also offer free shipping nationwide for orders P699 and above (except for Groceries, Appliances and large equipment, Daily Sale, and Goods Tiangge).

B. Lazada
Lazada, as we know, is one of the most popular online shop in the PH! Be it electronics, kitchen appliances, fashion pieces, beauty products or travel items, Lazada is also a one stop shop for all our needs, with unbeatable prices in the Philippines. Effortless Shopping, Free Shipping for orders above 1000. My advise though, because of my last shopping experience with them, is to make sure to review the product before buying them since they now have different sellers.

C. Takatack
Takatack offers a wide range of products from Electronics, Clothing (Mens, Womens, Kids and Babies), Personal Care, Home Fixtures and Food items. Other categories include Kids’ Toys, Accessories and Sports equipment. Same with Goods PH, I haven’t tried shopping though Takatack yet. It is on my list as it’s one of the largest online shops in the Philippines.

3. You get your cash back! A New Twist to Online Shopping
I’ve learned about ShopBack last month (I believe) and thought “wow, it’s really cool to be able to get a cash back out of your shopping! And for someone who wants to make the most out of her purchase, I think this is really awesome, specially that the holidays are coming! 

If you haven’t heard yet, ShopBack is a cashback site - basically they pay consumers to shop online, and the payments come in the form of savings for them! ShopBack already established themselves in Singapore and Malaysia and are looking toward expansion in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia.

Here’s how it works: When you go to, you'll see a list of merchant stores that they have. Online shoppers would simply just click through ShopBack to their preferred online store and online shop as usual. After making their purchase, cashback would be awarded to their ShopBack account, which can be cashed out to their bank account or PayPal.

ShopBack helps us get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores,plus Cashback! Cashback is really just "getting cash back" - When you spend online through ShopBack, we give you a portion of your purchase back as Cashback.This means extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online! Tell me who doesn't love this?! Well, I do! :) I don't know about you but I'm heading to ShopBack for my next purchase! :)

Have you registered to ShopBack yet, if not (and you're planning to), click here to register.

So, what reason did I miss about why we shop online? Let me know in the comment section below. :)

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  1. I appreciate online shopping during Christmas season because I can avoid the crowd and traffic. The only problem is the budget so cashback is really nice to lessen the guilt of shopping. Do they transfer your rebate or you need to use it for online purchase?

    1. You get have the rebate sent via PayPal or bank account sis! Amazing! or just use it for future purchases.

  2. I am into online shopping din most of the times. Since working mom ako, it's very convenient for me. I am happy that there are more trusted sites na where we can do fast and hassle free transactions.

    1. I agree sis! Very convenient sya. Although ako, it's been a months na since I last made an order. But I'm planning to purchase 2 items soon. :)

  3. Been using shopback for months now and I am enjoying the rebates. I love to browse and at the same time to buy online naka save ng time and parking fee. Will looking forward for cash back this Christmas season and looking forward for rebates

    1. Used it once, sis! And I can't wait to get my first rebate! ♥


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