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Monday, October 17, 2016

SM San Mateo 3-Day Sale Haul! ♥

I think I'm having a new series on this blog and it's called HAUL! lol. Last week, I posted about my BeautyMNL beauty haul, then this... Plus, there's another one on my draft that's awaiting to publish about my first in-store make up haul! I'm telling you I'm starting to love posting hauls! lol.

Last Friday was a joyous day for us. With Nate getting better with cough and colds, we went early to SM San Mateo to be with other customers and experience the 1st day of their 3-day sale! What I saw was exactly not what I was expecting!

We got  there at around 9:20 AM. I was with Nate, my youngest sister and my mother-in-law. I was greeted by Diane, SM's friendly PR and was advised to check the store and have fun! When it's sale, where else would you go first than the Department Store? I mean, guys, we know this is given already, lol. So yes, that's where we headed. I have a friend who works in Secosana at the same branch and before this sale, she already told me that their bags would go on price drop so I already knew where to go!

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We went to Secosana section and I offered to buy bags for each of us. One for me, one each for my 2 sisters and one for my mother-in-law! It was my very first time to experience the super sale of SM San Mateo, and although I'm not surprised, I was overwhelmed with the savings that you could get because of the discounts! Not only that, on the first day, for the 1st 2-hours, you get an additional 10% discount on top of the discounted prices that you have when you use your SM Advantage Card (SMAC)! That was really awesome! We were waiting in line for so long because of the volume of customers who availed of the sale. Mind you, this was around 10:30 AM!

Here's what we got and I'm obviously happy with these! :D
My sister Beb's Secosana bag (Php 269)
My sister Ashiel's Secosana sling bag (Php 269)
For meeee! Secosana bag (Php 269/pair)
Mother-in-law's Secosana bag (Php 269)
Nate's MBP party costume (Php 269)
Parisian Sandals for meeee! (Php 180)
Nate's shoes (Php 120 something)
Each invidual products were already on sale and since I we got to shop during the first 2 hours of the sale opening, I got an additional 10% for using my SM Advantage card! And what's more nice about this? I have a Php 1500 worth of SM GC so I only had to shell out more than 100 pesos! Isn't that amazing? As what SM says: "Shopping has never been soooo rewarding!!!"

We also played in Quantum at the 3rd floor and I won a jackpot prize which was a stuffed toy, perfect for Nate! weee! After everything we did, we had a sumptuous lunch at Eduardo's (located at the 1st floor), right beside Buffalo's Wings 'n Things with my co-blogger Mhel of and SM's PR (may I insert the kindest, most friendly PR), Diane. Seriously SM San Mateo, if you're reading this, I want you to know that Diane is for keeps! :D

Are you any near SM San Mateo guys, WATCH OUT! There's another sale coming, their PRE-HOLIDAY sale will be by the end of this month! Check their Official Facebook Page for details.  ♥

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  1. Wow pretty bags! Went to SM Marilao sale too. I wanted to buy a new bag kaya Matthew was not cooperative e. He kept on roaming around saka ang daming tao.

    1. Sobrang daming tao nga sis! First time ko to go on a super sale like that!

  2. I don't usually go to SM if there is a sale kasi hindi ko feel makipagsiksikan but if I really need to buy something, sugod ako. I experienced that when we need to buy school bag, the trolley bag is worth P4K+ so sayang ang 10% discount. 20% sana nakuha ko if I also went there on Friday between 10-12nn, like what you did. :)

    1. Ay grabe, ang laki ng discount no? sayang nga talaga! hehe.


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