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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why I want an OPPO F1s

In a world where things are becoming more and more advanced, if there’s one thing that can do so many things for us, it is… *drumroll…* the SMARTPHONE! (yeah)!

We all can agree that smartphone is our tiny assistant wherever we go. It’s that beeping alarm that wakes us up in the morning, our planner that we can easily glance to check our schedule, our help when we don’t know where we’re going, our trusted companion during emergencies, our tool in creating wonderful memories, our way of keeping our sanity when we’re inside a super heavy traffic (and the list goes on and on)! It’s really wonderful how this thing can be of a huge help for us!

Now let’s talk about Oppo...

Since it’s brand release here in the Philippines a few years back, Oppo became known for its outstanding performance. Many users are recommending this to their friends and family as a good and reliable brand to use. Side story, my sister’s ex BF works in Oppo so he’s the first person that we remember with this brand. It’s funny how a phone brand can give so much memory of an old lover. I’m happy they’ve both moved on though and are now both happy with their own lives.

Going back to Oppo, I’ll be honest I have never tried this brand yet but I read (and heard) so many wonderful things about Oppo which makes me want to be able to try it out.  Last August, Oppo has just released its F1s here in the Philippines, which has since made its own name when it comes to great phone performance. Why do users love it and why do I want it? I have a few on my list.

As a mommy blogger who almost couldn’t go out without tagging her 2 year old son along, I cannot afford to carry a HUGE camera and expect nice shots while carrying my toddler and my toddler bag filled with diapers, towels, wipes, powder, cologne and many more! Imagine me holding a bulky DSLR while carrying all of that! I think I’d look pitiful! Mobile photography is the answer to busy moms' photo woes!

With Oppo F1s’s better front facing camera and better styling, I don’t have to worry about not getting nice photos, whether that's a selfie, groupie or rear photos! With Oppo F1’s 16 MP front camera, I’ll surely have more crisp and clear shots! Not only that, the front camera can work even with touch, voice, or palm gesture commands! This is exactly what moms like me need! Because you need to do most things with just one hand! Right mommies?

Now you may think, “with it’s 16 MP front camera, I bet they’ll compromise the rear cam”. No, not at all, Oppo F1s’s rear-facing camera has 13 megapixels, I can be rest assured that I'll still have sublime landscapes and macro shots with its excellent focusing.

Another thing that I read about Oppo F1s is that it take photos FAST! I need that to get a good photo of my toddler. The challenge of getting a good photo of an active toddler is REAL! Moms, raise your hands if you’re with me! Just take a look at these photos of Nate that I took a few weeks ago:

When your kid is in the mood for wacky shots but your camera isn't :(
Blurred photos on a wedding when he was the bible bearer
You see, if you only have 1-3 seconds in order to get a cute photo to keep in your album, you better make it right or you miss that opportunity forever, right? This is why I want the Oppo F1s!

2. Impressive All Around Performance
After reading the reviews online, I came to a conclusion that I certainly want this phone. This phone comes with a 32 GB internal drive with micro SD slot expandable to 256 GB! Wow! My current phone’s external drive is just 64 GB and I’m already happy with it, how much more a 256 GB! Just by the thought of it, I’m already grinning!

I can take as many photos as I like without worrying about running out of memory, I can even store all of my son’s nursery rhymes songs and videos without fear and make him play them whenever he wants. Guess what, I can also download my movies and watch straight through my phone (which I don’t usually do, and when I do, I delete it after watching)! Isn’t that marvelous? 

Talking about watching movies and using the phone for a long time, I learned that with Oppo F1s, you can expect a loud and good audio quality. Not only that, you don’t have to worry about it becoming hot when being used for a long time. Oppo F1s only gets a bit hot during gaming or recording long videos. And that’s normal, right? I mean phones heat up with usage.

Another thing about using the phone for a long time, I learned that Oppo F1s is packed with 3075 mAh battery! Wow! That’s awesome! Use your phone without worrying about your battery dying anytime soon!

And lastly, with its 3 GB RAM and phone running on Octa Core processor, you know Oppo F1s is doing a great performance! I remember when I got my first netbook back in 2011, I was already glad with the Dual Core processor that came along with it. Now, with Oppo F1s, the performance is what, almost 4x faster? Are you kidding me? Please, I want you Oppo F1s! :D

3. A Gift for Myself
Lastly, why do I really want to have this item?

I am a mother, even if I want to put myself first, when it comes to buying things, my son is the priority. I know they say that I should always treat myself, but I can’t deny that there are times that I would feel guilty buying something for myself when it fact, I could’ve just kept the money and save it for the future.

This time, it’s about me. I’m turning 28 this coming December (oh dear, I’m getting old!) and I would like this phone as my birthday gift. If I can have this as my birthday gift, it’ll be a daunting present which I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Moms like me sometimes need to give up something we want for the benefit of many. This time, I will think about myself. This is for me, this is for all my hard work, and this is for my sacrifices for my loved ones. The Oppo F1s is mine.

Disclaimer: This post is an entry to Nuffnang PH's "Why I want an OPPO F1s" blog contest. 
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