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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Our Nu Skin Experience: The Yays and The Nays

Last Saturday, I got invited for a “free pamper” session in one of the  Nu Skin we stayed at the place for about 2 or 3 hours where we were introduced to different product brands. These were the things that we did during the visit:

1. We had a Facial Analysis 
During the facial analysis session, our faces were checked for pores, wrinkles, spots, skin tone and UV. The results that we got showed us that we had, in overall, a bad facial analysis.

The sisters, before their faces were analyzed by this bright machine of some sort.
That's my face, checked for pores, wrinkles, and all other bad elements, lol
2. We Had a Body Composition Analysis
Another machine was used to analyze our body structures based on our age, height and weight. We stepped on a machine called “body composition analysis” and it did the rest of the results. Results were explained to us after.

Here, you will know your actual age VS your body age, your body fat, BMI, Skeletal muscle and you'll know your visceral fat, which is the body fat that is stored within the abdominal cavity and is therefore stored around a number of important internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines. 

Our body composition results were a lot nicer than our facial analysis results. lol. It seems like we're on the safe zone when it comes to our body composition, I think, personally, the reason is also my daily workouts. 

3. We Had a Biophotonic Scanning
Here, another machine was used to determine our dietary habits, supplementation and lifestyle choices. This is a good way to remind you if you're on the right track or not.

This is the biophotonic scanning machine that checks your skin carotenoid
4. Sample of the Trimshake product
The Trimshake product from Nu Skin helps you stay fit, it’s a perfect partner, specially when you work out. We opt to try the one with chocolate flavor. I have to say we don’t really like how it tasted. 

I see you, Nate! hehe. 
5. We Got to Check Essential Oils 
There was an area where they display all the oils that they sell so interested buyers could check out the smells and decide for themselves which one they like. I love a few oil scents here. They cost Php 500 for a set of 3. 


What I can say about this experience: 

1. It was informative – being able to get checked for free is something that we all love! It was a wake up call for us! During this visit, not only were our faces checked but our entire body. We also got a few tips on how to balance work on those areas with bad results later. 

2. Reminded us to try our best to stay healthy – we have a lot of bad results: a wake up call for us to avoid junk foods and other unhealthy food choices. Hydration is also very important, the importance of water intake was emphasized during this visit. 

What I observed which I think is not a good practice: 
1. The company name was not mentioned until we were there. I checked the email thread that I had with my contact to see if I just missed it but NOWHERE on our email exchange was Nu Skin mentioned. 

This was the invite that I got. No mention about Nu Skin. Why? 

2. Misleading information. I was told it will be for a “free pampering session” but when we were already there, that’s when we found out that we had to pay if we wanted a facial or a massage (obviously I was expecting to get it for free, 'coz I'm a freebie seeker). I don’t think it’s a good practice for companies (or maybe not the company itself but its dealers) to mislead their possible customers; it will lead them to not go back anymore or never deal with the company at all. There wouldn't be any problem with it, had I been informed ahead of time. 

3. Marketing Strategy? Networking? I'm not sure. It was just I who got the chance to try two of their products, my sisters were just there with me, waiting to see what would happen next. I brought them with me because I was told they'd also be able to come and avail of it for free.

After I got to try the product, that's when I was offered to choose which one I like and buy them. I was told the prices are discounted only for that day, so it's a take it or leave it offer. The products by the way, for me, are RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE! Like they have this set of a monthly beauty product supply for 21k, discounted at 17k PHP?! Wow! 

Nate and I checking their product displays and me trying out 2 of their face products
Don't get me wrong, I think the products are good, our experience with all the analysis was full of insights but the cost of their products are just so expensive for me. I don't know, maybe it's just me, because I'm not rich, maybe others can afford to buy it right then and there. I don't know. But for me, I think I can find products that are way cheaper than those. 

This would’ve been better if everything was informed right upfront before we even went to the venue. We were a bit unhappy after the session but didn’t dwell on it. Instead, gave ourselves time to chill and visit SM Megamall. We didn't let that negative feeling stay for long. It was a good experience in some ways, anyway. :)

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  1. Bad marketing practice indeed. They should have been transparent for every invite they made. What is one or two sentences for a company profile diba? Mabuti nalang talaga hindi ako pumunta. Tsk tsk.

    1. i agree. people nowadays are very forgiving and open minded. should a product was explained clearly in the first place, there are better chances that that person be a captured market.

    2. Ang mahirap kasi pag di ka completely informed, magugulat ka tapos magkakaroon parang nagiging off agad sayo. Parang ganun.

  2. I referred Eve to go there instead of me 'coz I can't take any treatments right now. Sobra kadisappoint nga yan, napahiya pa tuloy ako.

    1. She commented on my fb post, sis. Oo nga daw, disappointed din talaga sya. hehe.

  3. I received the same invite. hay naku mga businessmen talaga...thanks for the heads up Mommy!

  4. Buti na lang talaga hindi na ako nakapunta! Imagine, I was stressing out how to fit it in my schedule tas ganyan pala. Also, I have to agree with you. Sa initial email pa lang, I asked na what is the company's name, I just noticed it now na deadma lang pala sya sa question ko.

    1. Maiistress ka dun sis, baka magalit ka lang. hehe.

  5. Whenever I receive an email or invite na wala man lang introduction about the event, product or from what company ba siya, na-off na ko. Free pampering session, pero wala details of venue, date and time. Good thing, I declined. Charge to experience na lang. :)

    1. Yes sis, charge to experience nga 'to. hehe.

  6. That's really misleading. :) You are right that there are products that are way cheaper abd gives the same results. :)

    1. Yes, it is, unfortunately. The person who walked us through was kind, it was just not what I expected.

  7. Aww! Parang I remembered our son's first trick or treat experience last month! That's how I felt, too. That we were misinformed or it was way too misleading! :( So sad kapag ganyan. Kasi nakaka-disappoint. Bad marketing practice, indeed!

    1. I read your post about that, sis! Diba? nakakadismaya pag di namimeet ang expectations mo, lol.


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