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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in a Nutshell: Our 5 P’s of 2016

Time to say “goodbye” to 2016 and “hello” to the New Year that lies ahead! Before this year ends, I would like to look back and thank Him for all the wonderful things that he has given us this year.

This year isn’t perfect like all the other years that passed but as I start counting the blessings, I am reminded that God has given us more than enough. And to thank Him for His goodness is one of the many things that I can do to give back our praises to Him. Here are the 5 highlights of 2016 for me and my family.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

28th on the 28th: 28 Personal Questions Answered on my Birthday! ♥

Guess what? It's my 28th birthday!!! Yay! Thank you Lord! Wow! Where's all my teenage years? haha. 

(I've So I've been thinking, I should do something I've never done before: a few personal questions (28 questions to be exact this time). 

Wow, I don't know if I should be happy or sad that I'm a year older (and I hope wiser *insert grin here*), nevertheless, I am thankful for God's guidance and blessings throughout the year. So here are 28 questions about myself, I got this list from The 50 questions posted on The Fab Files and just picked 28 questions out of it. 

1. What are your nicknames? What do you prefer to be called?
    My mother calls me "Len" but I like my nickname spelled either "Lyn" or "Lynn". Most people call me "Nilyn" or "Ate Nilyn" and I don't have any problems with that. :D

Friday, December 23, 2016

29 Reasons Why Hubby is L♥ve

Today, Dane celebrates his 29th birthday, let the online party begin! Just kidding! *A moment of silence for all LDR couples like us, lol!*

This is his 2nd birthday away from us and even though I am a bit sad that we don’t get to celebrate our birthdays together, I know that someday, he’ll be back home and we’ll be able to celebrate our special occasions together.

Along with his 29th birthday, I decided to make a list of why I love him. These are not the only reasons why but since it’s his 29th birthday, what better number to use than 29, right?
So, without further ado, here’s my list:

Monday, December 19, 2016

What I Love About Crepeman Café SM San Mateo

Last Saturday, I was one of the few Rizal bloggers invited to visit and try Crepeman Café in SM San Mateo. My very first crepe experience was in Love Desserts in Pearl Drive but my experience wasn’t good. I didn’t like it. Little did I know, that was just one of the many flavors that I can enjoy. Thanks to Crepeman Café, I now know there are sooo many different types and flavors to enjoy your crepes!

Here’s what to expect from Crepeman Café (and the reasons why I love this place!).

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

4 Married Years

It feels like it was just yesterday! I can still remember how I crammed because of so many things on our wedding day and now it's been 4 years already!

Our wedding wasn't perfect, like the rest but it's always one of the wonderful and happy days of my life. I thank God everyday for the man He gave me whom I could call a husband for the rest of my life.

Friday, December 9, 2016

What's in My Gallery?: First 10 Recent Photos on my Phone

Today I’m like, “I need to post something na hindi pinag-iisipan!” Just something I used to post before. 

A few months back, I post weekly “kwento” on my blog (my WAHMA-RAMA series). That what was before I started to do “other things” that I think are of the same importance as blogging. This was the reason why I had to learn to balance everything, which means I needed to give up some of my blog series topics.

Today, I really miss just blogging something “easy”. Something that doesn’t need any researching. Something personal, something “funny”? It’s December so we should be posting happy posts anyway, right?

So what are the first 10 photos on my gallery, you may ask? I’ll show you that in a bit. This includes my most recent photos. Not just photos taken from my camera phone, but including the recent downloads and screenshots. Let’s see what I have here! Haha. I hope this is interesting. I don’t check my gallery often and there are lots of times that I don’t feel like taking pictures!

Adlib: I just checked my phone for about 10 minutes to see the photos and man, these are not good ones! LOL!

It was a bad idea! I thought I didn't have recent selfies! haha! 
So I numbered them down. There are some that were just duplicates because I downloaded them, then posted in IG, then took a screenshot, etc. So I won't keep on reposting that (that will make this post even more boring, haha!). The first photo (before Dane) was not numbered to because that's a screenshot of my gallery (the photo above).  And in this post, I will also not include the video beside #5.

OK, let's start! (now I'm ashamed! lol). 

He sent this to me earlier today while we were chatting. So yes, my love, you're first on the list! haha! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hola December!

Hello there! I’ve been off blogging for the past few days. I’ve been busy doing other things. Something new I’ve never tried doing before. I’m enjoying it and I’m gonna tell you what it is when I see the outcome of it. :)

Wow! Where did time go? Last year, I posted about December and my anticipated schedules for that month. I can’t not do that this year! Lol. So, here’s what’s in store for us for this last month of the year (and my future excuses on being off blogging! Haha).

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Online Musical Instrument Store Made Available!

I can’t say I’m excellent when it comes to playing musical instruments. In fact, of all musical instruments, I can only play well with guitars. The rest, nah! I can play a little (just a little, really) keyboard.

However, being married to someone also musically inclined helps me not forget about my love for music. Although I don’t really do something to improve my skills in guitar as that’s really not a priority at this time, because of the ministry that my husband has in the church, my love for music has never left me.
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