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Friday, February 3, 2017

Walmart and Amazon Shopping via HalpU

Filipinos are known to be family oriented. We have strong family ties that's why some would work abroad to help their loved ones. And even in a foreign land, our OFWs remember us. Every time Dane comes from the mall, he would say, “ang daming maganda dun para sa inyo ni Nate”!

OFWs love to send packages to their family. They’d save and buy products to put in their in “box” so they can send it to their loved ones in the PH. This is the reason why an online website called halpU decided to innovate to help our OFWs and those who love buying US products.

What’s halpU?
-halpU is the easiest way to send goods back home. It’s an ordering tool for items that are available on and The halpU website is directly linked to Amazon’s and Walmart’s database and it displays search results real time. You’re basically shopping at the biggest online store and one of the biggest retail stores in the US at the same time.

With halpU, you can...
1.    Shop Amazon-exclusive and Walmart-exclusive products and brands.
2.    No need to physically fill balikbayan boxes; just do it online on the halpU website.
3.    Want to buy shoes? Have shoes packed without its original box to maximize space and save delivery costs.
4.    Send US groceries (Pinoy's faves are chocolates, candies, cookies, canned goods, etc) to your loved ones
5.    Non-credit cardholders can shop and pay through DragonPay (for PH customers) and Payremit (for OFWs).

How does it work?
1.    Simply go to the halpU website
2.    Create an account
3.    Place an order and fill your box/cart.
4.    Go to check out. Input your discount code, if any.
5.    Get your items 8 weeks after Amazon/Walmart shipment.

Shipping Rate

Why Shop at halpU?
1.    Shopping without a credit card is possible. So this is for people like me who don't have a regular credit card. :)
2.    Save on delivery costs within the US. halpU has an Amazon Prime account and a Walmart ShippingPass membership.
3.    You don't have to physically fill your box. halpU will do that for you!
4.    Get your items delivered straight to your doorstep...TAX-FREE!

My halpU experience
I’m happy I got to try the halpU website. Since I don’t want to go over my order budget, I chose the cheaper stuff. I was able to buy 2 items from Walmart and 2 items from Amazon. I wish I can buy more, there are lots of good stuff available there! Woooh! I’m super excited to receive my products.

What’s good about halpU is you have a view of the box, how full it is, depending on the weight of the items you order. It calculates everything for you, even the weight of the items is outside your worry-list.
Order confirmation

I think halpU can work on making their site more user-friendly. It takes 3 ticks of the mouse in order to know the product price. It'd be great if they can show the price right away since product value is a huge factor in placing an order. It'd be nice if halpU can also have the option to filter your product searches or allow you to categorize your search results, from low to high (for the price) and vice versa.

Aside from that, I like that there are so many items available on the website. You just have to know what you want and search away! I got myself three exercise tank tops, 1 jump rope, chocolates, and cereal. Although, I got a notice that one of my orders was out of stock. I've yet to still respond to them as to what I want for a replacement. I still have to check.  (This order is still in process so, I will update this post once I receive the package).

Actual price during my order vs. actual cost when halpU placed my order and 1 of the items was out of stock. Ouch!

What to expect:
When ordering via the halpU website, it's important to remember that:

1.     halpU prices are in dollars.
2.     There are times when your order is available by the time of your online purchase, but when halpU orders it on Amazon/Walmart, it becomes out of stock.
3.     It takes 8 weeks to get your package, once it ships from Amazon/Walmart. Not bad at all.
4.     There are items with no dimension. For that, you'll be charged a minimum fee to be finalized once the item is received in the warehouse. 
5.     Initial cost could be different from actual cost. Since they have to place the order for you, the price may vary from when you ordered them to when halpU orders it for you. It could be lesser, it could be higher, it really depends. Good thing mine was the same. lol. 

halpU is an alternative way to sending your balikbayan boxes. It's less hassle for both the sender and the recipient. If you love ordering US items, this website is also for you! Check them out via

UPDATE (April 17, 2017)

I got my package delivered right to my doorstep last week, yay! It was sealed, intact and in good packaging. You would not know it was s shipped from the other side of the world. It was delivered via Xend. I did not have to go to any post office to claim my shipment. 

Payment details and the remaining balance I had to pay. 
I had to pay an additional price of around $1.93 for tax and shipping & handling. So all in all, it took 10 weeks for me to receive my order.

Here's my order. :)
I got an email from halpU about their decision to shut down halpU by October 26.

Dear Nilyn, We regret to inform you that we have decided to shut down halpU effective October 26, 2017 and concentrate on other ventures instead.  Rest assured that even if the website will no longer accept new orders after that date, Ventaja International Corp., which handles halpU’s operations in the Philippines, will make sure all orders are fulfilled and delivered.

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  1. This is something I love about living in the time of the millennials. It seems everything is possible and easy. The internet is such a solution to many inquiries, problems and even just anything. You could order food, clothes, gadgets and again anything.

    1. That's true - talagang almost everything is possible na noh? Maliban sa teleport. Kailangan kaya marerealize ang teleportation? haha.

  2. Omg. I'd love to try this. I'll check if pwede dito sa saudi. I was just thinking of something like this. It's very hard to go out for ladies here. Tapos yung pwesto ng balikbayan box sa bahay. Haha. So, this would be a very great alternative.:)


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