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Saturday, July 15, 2017

How I Earned Php 750 from my Grocery Receipts


This post is long overdue and the reason for that is I want to make sure it's legit before I start recommending it to others. Now that I got my first cashout deposited to my account, I can now safely post about...



1. What is it? 
Snapcart is a mobile app both available for Android and Apple users. It provides shoppers cashback just by snapping receipts.

2. Steps to using Snapcart
First of all, i-download mo muna, bes. :) Go to app store and search "snapcart". Download then create an account and complete your profile info. The homepage will show your name, cashback balance, status and your level. 'Pag every week ka nagsa-snap ng receipts, maglelevel up ka. 'Pag nag level up ka, tataas din ang multiplier ng cashback mo. 'Pag di ka nakasnap at least once a week, rank down ka.

3. How to earn cash using Snapcart
You earn cash by regularly snapping receipts, yan ang una. The app is like Instagram - you take a photo of the receipt, upload it, wait for it to be reviewed and a few days after, you'll be notified if your receipt is either accepted or rejected.

LEFT: The amount of cashback you get per receipt. The amount goes up kasabay ng pagtaas ng rank mo.
RIGHT: The bonus features are for you to either get more points, more cashback or Zalora voucher that you can use for your purchase.  
But wait, there's more! May mga pakulo din si Snapcart. May bonus features sya where you can take surveys, selfies, watch videos or join the pro-hunt (never tried it) in order to get more coins. Coins are different from cashback. Para saan ang coins? Gagamitin para makapaglaro sa Snaptastic where you can win either more coins, Zalora voucher points and or peso cashbacks.

4. How to cash out? 
You can cash out and have your balance sent to your bank account which will take 1-2 weeks to complete (ung 1st attempt ko, 1 month kong hinintay kasi daw BPI ung card na inenroll ko so I tried my Unionbank card, nadeposit din ang Php 480 pesos after 1 week!). Or you can also cash out via mobile load (mas mabilis).

Minimum balance to withdraw: 
-For bank transfers, the lowest amount you can deposit is Php 200 (may fee na 20 pesos)
-For mobile load, 50 pesos dapat + 5 pesos fee.

My first Snapcart Cashback deposited to my account. Yay!
As for my experience, I've already had Php 480 deposited to my bank account once from Snapcart. And I also had my phone loaded for Php 50 once via Snapcart because of my cashback points. Right now, I have Php 200+ and still snapping. I'm planning to wait for another Php 500 para mapadeposit uli.

Be careful, though, Maan of The Joyful Mess said bigla nalang daw nawala ang info, points at lahat sa Snapcart nya. Unfortunately, mukhang walang natulong ang customer service to retrieve her info. So we're not sure what happened.

5. What type of receipts does Snapcart accept? 
-Drugs with clear description
-and moooore!
Check the FAQ part in the app for more info on how you can maximize the app. Check their website for more info.

LEFT: My receipt history. I have a lot of rejected ones (mga blurry, di accepted, etc).
RIGHT: My cashout history - 1 REJECTED (when I used my BPI family card, 2 COMPLETE - 1 for a 50-peso load and 1 for a 500 cash deposit. 

6. My experience
Medyo nawalan ako ng gana last month nung 1-month mahigit kong inantay ang cashback ko. Kahit maliit lang kasi, pinaghirapan ko yun. The problem was ung card na inenroll ko is BPI Family pero ang nilagay ko sa app is BPI. The money was returned after more than a month and I updated my bank info. I used my Unionbank account instead and I got my cashback (less Php 20 processing fee) after a week.

Here's the Snapcart logo in case you decide to download it :)
I started using this app in November 2016. I do my groceries bi-weekly and usually, I just spend 1,600 - 2,000 pesos per groceries. This doesn't include Nate's vitamins which I buy every two months. So if you spend more on groceries than me, mas mabilis ka makakapag-ipon ng cashback.

Don't expect a lot of money here, this is just a small additional cash for you. After all, sa'n ka pa makakakuha ng Php 700 galing sa resibo, 'di ba?

Where did I get the Php 750?
500 -transferred to my bank account.
55 - load transfer
215 - current balance (so 770 pala, hehe)

Edit to add: Dapat 3 days old ang receipts nyo. Any receipts after that, wala ng value. Happy snapping!

Have you tried Snapcart before, how was it?

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing my experience on the app. Well, I did hope it is sponsored but, unfortunately, it's not. lol. 

PS: Snapcart is only available in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. 

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  1. Indeed something new to try. Been spending huge amount for our grocery, considering weve got five boys in the house. I could even ask my mom's receipt. She spends a lot, e. Ehhehehn. Thanks for this awesome tip. Sakto, just gas up this morning. Will try now.

    1. Sayang 'yan, isnap snap snap na mga 'yan! hehe.

  2. Thanks Nilyn for sharing about this app. I will check it out for another way to earn cashback. I just wonder kung bakit nila kailangan ang receipts?

    1. You're welcome! From what I read, pinag aaralan nila ang data and they submit it to companies? or brands? I'm not sure. hehe.

    2. Ah. Makes some sense. Market study pala. I could consider using it in that case.

  3. Agree! Saan ka makakahanap ng kikita ka sa resibo di ba? Pero 3 days lang pala ang receipt kaya siguro rejected ibang receipts ko hehe

    1. Oo, ang bilis na ngayon, dapat 3 days lang. Kaya ako, snap agad. lol.

  4. Whoa, this is super cool! I spend more on groceries sis. I'll surely check this out. Thank you so much for sharing :D

    1. You're welcome! Hope you enjoy it! Happy snapping! :D

  5. I started using this app a few months ago, so far I already have 600+, kung pwede nga lang tumambay sa grocery at hingiin mga resibo nila hahaha. Gagawin ko talaga yun!

    1. Ang bilis mo gaw!!! hahaha. Ako din, pwedeng pwede kong gawing part time yang ganyan! lol.

  6. Wow, this is the first time I read about Snapcart. Super interested to try it. We average 10k in groceries each month so hopefully mabilis makakuha ng cashback.

    1. Naku, malaki 'yan at mabilis ang cashback dyan! Sayang ang receipt, download na. :)


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