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Friday, January 26, 2018

Hometown Visit 2017

 Finally, after two years, Nate and I were able to visit my family in Tagum City last December. I can still remember the excitement we had while going to the airport as it was Nate's first time to fly after two years.

We stayed in Tagum for almost two weeks. Sadly, Dane didn't make it, but still, we had a great time there. It's where I celebrated my 29th birthday. And, of course, as always, thank God for the opportunity to be with family and for my job, which I can take with me wherever I go (as long as there's a reliable internet connection).

Our visit to Tagum City was so laid back - no itineraries, whatsoever, since I sleep during the day and work at night. We had a few moments during the weekend, though.

So I'm sharing here the places we were able to visit and the things we did while Nate and I were there. It was Nate who enjoyed the trip the most. And I'm happy I was able to bring him back to my hometown.

1. Visited Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex.
This was not finished yet when we were there in 2015 so I made sure to take Nate here. To my surprise, nalibot nya ang oval! haha.

Aba, mukhang di man lang napagod kakatakbo sa buong oval!
The sports complex is huge - this is the tennis, badminton, and volleyball court area.

2. Shared God's word with the kids during the closing program of my mother's good news class program where Nate got to meet more kids. Good news classes have been my mother's ministry ever since we were young so I am happy to be able to attend again, this time, as a speaker, not one of her students anymore. :)

3. Took Nate to our small farms. I've always wanted for Nate to be able to have a glimpse of our lives (and how simple they were) when we were young. This is one of the things that I always want him to experience every time we visit our hometown. I hope marealize nya pag laki nya kung gaano nya dapat i-value ang buhay nya ngayon at maging thankful na hindi nya napagdaanan ang hirap ng buhay namin dati.

First time to ride a carabao! 
Thank you, tito, for carrying Nate! 

4. Celebrated my 29th birthday by having a small gathering with family and devotion. Praise God for his protection, guidance, and blessings in my life for 29 years now. I always praise him for the gift of loving family and friends, for blessing my life with a "Daniel" whom I can call my own 'til the day I die, and a "Nate" who will add more fun while I experience His grace.

Nate blowing mama and papa's birthday cake. :)
5. Visited the tallest Christmas tree in the Philippines! ♥ 
Yes, you read it right! The tallest Christmas tree is in Tagum City and it is situated at the newest City Hall of Tagum. Of course, we wouldn't miss visiting this place. :)

#ExperienceTagum :)

6. Beach with fambam. My visit to Tagum City is not complete without us going to the beach! Hindi naman napag-usapan pero parang naging parte na ng tradisyon naming pamilya na mag beach pag kompleto. And, who doesn't love beach ba? Lahat kami gustong gusto maligo sa dagat, lalo na si Nate. :)

He doesn't look happy here 'coz he was sleepy already. lol.  
Ichura ko! hahaha. 

7. Spend time with family. It's the very reason we were there, to begin with. And even though they were too busy and we've only been together for quite a little while, I'm still happy we were reunited. The last time we're complete was back in April 2014.

Our family isn't perfect, just like everyone else's. We would argue, fight, cry and laugh together. A lot of times we would disagree on some things but our love for each other remains. If not for them, nakagala na siguro kami ni Nate sa ibang lugar. Pero I would rather keep coming back to Tagum to be with my family. Thank God for the gift of family who will stick with us, no matter what.

So that's a wrap! It is safe to say our Tagum 2017 visit was filled with memories worthy to be kept forever. I can't wait to share these photos with Nate when he grows up. It was indeed a busy December for us! 

How did you spend your December holiday?

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  1. Parang normal na sa atin yung lagi may family outing pag nakakasama-sama. We always have family outing or get together din pag nandito mama ko. It is nice to be reunited. :)

    1. It sure is! Nakakatuwa pag nakakabond natin ang pamilya. Sana nga mas mapadalas pa.

  2. Hay nakaka miss talaga ang province at iba talaga ang province. Talagang mag eenjoy ang mga bata more on exploring sila sa environment at walang gadgets. Si Zd din nong nagbakasyon kami di nya na maalala ang! ang saya pa lalo na pag kasama ang pamilya sarap ng hangin at pagkain din :)

    1. Oh YEAH!!! Now I wanna go back na naman. lol.

  3. Sana nakapag-meetup tayo! But I know your schedule was full to the brim na haha. I would love to take Yuri to the province, too, to experience provincial life. Saya tingnan ni Nate on the carabao!

    1. Yes! Kabado pa, haha. Pero nag enjoy sya! So many things to do, so little time! I really wish we've met. Pero I'm not losing hope, haha. Sa next visit namin, aayusin ko na sched namin so we can meet. ♥

  4. Coming home to your hometown is pure bliss. Certainly your friends and relatives there were equally delighted to have seen you with your son. Couldn't imagine you resting for a while with all the meet ups, gala, and unstoppable chikahan.


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