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Monday, April 9, 2018

Praises and Thanksgiving for Graduation 2018

This graduation is about 9 years delayed for me!

Kaya ako ang totoong "Magna" - magna-nine years bago nakagraduate! LOL!

Because of that, hindi nakapagtataka na nag-enroll akong Cartagena at gumraduate na Matugas. :)

In the "about me" section of this blog, I mentioned that I took up Bachelor of Theology in one of our Bible schools in Bagac, Bataan. I didn't graduate right away. By God's grace, I made it this year. Escorted by our first born and graduated with my brother-in-law at ilan sa mga batang tinuruan ko sa aking Christian service in Pampanga.

A bible school is different from a tertiary school but the students also take 4 years to graduate. 3 years are spent in school, learning God's word and doing Christian services, sharing God's word. The 4th year is the internship year where the student is assigned to a specific church - just like an On-the-job training.

With my lovely escort. ♥
Only a few teens decide to go to bible school. There were just four of us originally in our class - I was the only rose among the thorns. You can name us fantastic four, except we don't have powers! Among the 4 of us, only 1 graduated in time. Once a student graduates in a bible school, he then becomes a church pastor (bible woman for ladies or people more commonly know it as 'pastora').

If you ask what someone like me can say - someone who thought to graduate in the Bible school will never happen for me anymore, it would be nothing but THANK YOU.

Thank you to the God of perfect timing. The One who makes everything beautiful in His time.

Thank you to Dane, my loving and supportive husband who was happy for me, albeit his absence during the graduation.

The graduates of Internation Grace Bible Institute - Bataan Campus (2018)
with the Theme: "Taking Up the Cross at Any Cost"
Thank you so pamilya ko, especially to my parents who were overwhelmed after they found out about my graduation. They were not at the graduation also but they were praising with us.

Thank you to my mentors in the Bible school for teaching us about God's word rightly dividing and for patiently imparting their knowledge to us.

Me and my brother-in-law during the graduation
To my Golden Shower church family - THANK YOU. This church has been my spiritual family for almost 10 years already. This church has seen me at my worst and my best but continued to accept me for who I am. Sa simbahang ito ko nakilala ang aking kabiyak, dito na ako na-engage, kinasal, nabuntis at nanganak. At hanggang ngayon uy patuloy na tumutulong sa gawain sa simbahang ito.

To our church pastor, Ptr Boni who is not just a friend but also a ninong and a father for me and my husband, Dane, thank you, Pastor! Thank you also to Ptr. Dan Banac and Ptr. Renante Ramos. These three are the people God used to make my graduation happen.

Sa Diyos lamang ang lahat ng papuri at pasasalamat!

"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28 KJV)

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  1. Congrats! The most important thing is you finish it, never mind the years. Hirap pagsabayin ang work, school and pag-alaga kay Nate.

    1. Thank you, sis! Hindi ko na actually inisip pa na matatapos ko sya. Pero God has His own way of giving surprises, hehe. And for that I am so thankful. :)

  2. Congrats!!!!! Like you said, ikaw ang tunay na MAGNA :D
    It might have taken you years to finish your course but I guess the long wait is super worth it, not to mention the experiences and challenges that you have encountered along the way. Thumbs up! :)

  3. Awww Congratulations Nilyn! :) May God bless you and your ministry as you go forward from hereon.

  4. Congrats Nilyn! :) I'm sure God has great plans for you. :) Continue to spread His word. We need more people like you.

  5. Awww... another graduation story. hehehe Lately, I've been seeing great graduations stories from people who took a lot of years to graduate and I feel so proud of them. I always use them as examples to people who'd rather stay outside and drink all day with all the excuses in life. You are another example of someone who managed to pull it off through the years. It is really god's timing. God bless! Enjoy everything! =)

  6. Congrats gaw! I'm so proud of you! I agree, wala sa taon yan, ang importante natapos mo siya. Mas bongga nga kasi nakita ni Nate kung pano ka naging determinado to graduate. Naging role model ka hindi lang para sa kaniya kundi para saming lahat! Miss you!

  7. Congrats for the much awaited graduation and goodluck to your next chapter. Something that you can be truly proud of!


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