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When you're new to something and you feel like no one can relate to you, you will definitely feel so alone. I made this blog back in 2011 (it was originally named "Heart, Mind and Soul" but I was on and off on updating it since I just couldn't find any reasons why I keep doing it. Just recently, I have decided to go back on blogging and this time, I'd like to be consistent to updating it. I came to realize that a good blog should be updated from time to time so I wanted this blog to be a "live" and not a "dead" blog.

One of my goals then, after making sure that my blog is taken care of, is to look for people with the same desire as me. I started looking for community of mom bloggers so I can find ideas, insights, inspiration, new friends through blogging. Since Facebook is the easiest way to find groups, I then started searching. Now, I'm a part of a few amazing blog communities that help me boost my blog traffic which helps me know more bloggers and sites I can visit. Now, I honestly don't feel lonely on my blog anymore and I'm so happy I found these wonderful blog communities. If you're new to blogging and want a blog community to join to, you may want to consider these:


  1. I like this post for the simple reason that I like checking out blog communities too. I hope one day you could take the time to add:

    1. Hi Nilyn,

      Thank you for sharing these blogging communities. It saved me a lot of time to research this information on my own. :-)


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